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April 07, 2023

Mets add sponsor patch to uniforms, forgot it was in Phillies colors

The Mets revealed a red and white sponsor patch ahead of their home opener that wasn't thought all that well through.

The Phillies' home opener was Friday and so was the rival Mets' up in Queens, with the debut of a sponsor patch on the sleeve of their uniforms that...oh boy...they didn't think that one through...

Okay, so to start this is no slight on the sponsor in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, but to what the patch actually looks like – a giant, and obnoxious, red and white square that clashes hard with the orange and blue color scheme – that's, to put it lightly, a very curious choice by the Mets, especially since considering it's Phillies colors. 

Apparently, that didn't register the first time through, and per ESPN's Joon Lee, Mets owner Steve Cohen has already made a call to have it changed. 

"They're Phillie colors," Cohen said. "They should be more Met-appropriate."

Just Mets things. 

Teams across Major League Baseball were permitted to begin wearing sponsor patches – AKA jersey ads – this season, and several clubs have already moved on the offer much to the dismay of many fans. 

The Phillies are one of the teams in line to get one, which is why there are no longer numbers on the left sleeve of the home and road uniforms, but whatever deal they have in place isn't done yet. 

All you can really do on that end, if you're a Phillies fan, is hope that it won't be as bad as the Mets. 

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