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September 19, 2016

Philly hoagie joint: We're closed while we find 'better' employees

Fink's on Jewelers Row is hiring after staff overhaul

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Fink's Closed Jerry Gaul/PhillyVoice

This sign was posted on the door of Fink's Hoagies on Jewelers Row on Monday, Sept. 19. According to the sign, the location will be closed until the eatery can find 'better' employees.

It's not a shortage of manpower, but a shortage of talent.

Fink's Hoagies on Jewelers Row is closed from Monday through Friday so it can "continue our quest to find better employees to serve you," according to a sign on the door, a voicemail message and a Facebook post on Monday.

Fink's, which also has a location in Northeast Philadelphia, is currently hiring to find those "better" employees. Prospective hires should have the following qualifications:

Must be exceptionally clean, fast, always on time, the ability to read and understand our menu and be drug-free.

In a Facebook message to PhillyVoice, Eric Fink, son of owner Dennis Fink, reiterated that the only reason for the temporary closure was an issue with staffing.

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"We had a group that wasn't up to our standard and we had to clean it up a bit," Fink said. "We're training a new crew now and we're hoping to ... reopen as soon as possible."

"We strive to have the best customer service and we weren't getting it done in the best possible fashion."

Those interested in applying should do so in person at Fink's Northeast shop at 4633 Princeton Ave.