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October 06, 2017

Philly now has a mural of raccoon eating a soft pretzel

Art Murals
Port_Richmond_Raccoon_Mural V.U.R.T./Natalie Shaak

A Port Richmond woman raised funds to get this mural painted on her home.

Philadelphia's newest mural features a raccoon taking a bite from a soft pretzel, thanks to a Port Richmond woman who used GoFundMe to fund the project. 

The nocturnal critter fails to use mustard and leaves a bit of a mess. A chunk of the pretzel rests below its feet.

Natalie Shaak raised more than $4,000 to fund rehabilitation efforts at a playground near Thompson and Webb streets.

The funding will cover costs for improved lighting, trash cans, cleanup efforts and the mural, which was painted Friday along the side of her home on the 2500 block of Thompson Street. 

She partnered with V.U.R.T. (Visual Urban Renewal and Transformation), a nonprofit that has installed murals that depict a squirrel holding a SEPTA token and a "Welcome to Fishtown" sign featuring a trio of cats.

Shaak posted a series of Instagram pictures that detailed the mural's completion on Friday, including this one: