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March 13, 2016

Philly rapper Boone says Katt Williams was 'tripping out' before Troc brawl

Rapper suggests comedian may have been under the influence of drugs at Top Shotta concert

In the aftermath of a fight involving comedian Katt Williams at the Trocadero Theatre earlier this month, West Philadelphia rapper Boone has suggested the troubled entertainer was "trippin' out" and may have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

Appearing last week on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Boone, best known for his single "Pop a Perc," told the station that Williams was on "dog food" – street slang for heroin – and was interrupting performances at Beanie Sigel's Top Shotta show.

Boone claims he can be seen in the fight video wearing a red jacket and "stomping out" Williams on stage.

“He [Katt Williams] was trippin’ out. He was on ‘dog food’, man. That boy was on drugs. We’re sitting up here having a good time…performing songs, and he was taking people’s attention all night. Lil’ Mo got up to perform, and he on stage doing push-ups while she performing. Then, I went up there…and he come out with me. So, I’m just looking him. I go to the crowd and was like, ‘What, he don’t know me out here, y’all?’

“The crowd starts going crazy, and this fool starts taking off his jacket and all that. So, we were laughing at him. I’m thinking that he’s playing. Then, Sigel was like, ‘Aight y’all, thanks for coming out’. And this fool comes out of nowhere and tries to ‘karate kick’ my brother. [After that]…We did him dirty, man.”

Williams, who had been in Philadelphia for a performance at Temple's Liacouras Center, offered his own response to the fight the next day in a video obtained by WorldStarHipHop. He suggested that fans and the public shouldn't necessarily believe what they see or hear.

As a result of the fight, Beanie Sigel vowed that he will never play a show in Philadelphia again after the way his friend Williams was treated. He also criticized the Trocadero for having what he called the "worst security."

Apart from the incident at the concert, Williams has acted erratically in recent weeks and months. He was arrested for allegedly punching a clerk at a Georgia pool store, was accused of robbing five Atlanta women at gunpoint and allegedly threatened to kill his own bodyguard, according to police. 

Still, in an apparent gesture to make up for the altercation, Williams purchased a new Lamborghini for Sigel and an Escalade for Lil Mo.

While it doesn't appear that Williams is in any immediate financial trouble, we can only hope that he gets help with whatever has lately made him a magnet for trouble.