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September 07, 2022

Playoff, Super Bowl and award predictions for the 2022 NFL season

What proprietary information could our sports staff possibly have when it comes to predicting the 2022 NFL season? Absolutely none. But it's fun to make them with absolutely no consequences for being totally wrong.

And so, without further ado, here's what the PhillyVoice sports staff thinks the NFL landscape will look like come February:

The best teams

NFC East winner: Eagles (7 votes)

NFC North winner: Packers (6 votes), Vikings (2 votes)

NFC South winner: Buccaneers (6 votes), Saints (1 vote)

NFC West winner: Rams (5 votes), 49ers (2 votes)

NFC Wild Card teams: 49ers (5 votes), Vikings (4 votes), Cowboys (4 votes), Packers (2 votes), Panthers (1 vote), Rams (1 vote), Saints (1 vote)

AFC East winner: Bills (7 votes)

AFC North winner: Bengals (4 votes), Ravens (3 votes)

AFC South winner Colts (4 votes), Jaguars (2 votes)Titans (1 vote)

AFC West winner: Chiefs (6 votes) Chargers (1 vote)

AFC Wild Card teams: Chargers (5 votes), Bengals (3 votes), Dolphins (2 votes), Titans (2 votes)Broncos (2 vote), Raiders (1 vote)Colts (1 vote), Chiefs (1 vote), Ravens (1 vote)

Super Bowl winner: Bills (5 votes), Chiefs (2 vote)

• Before we jump to our award picks, it's interesting to see how much differentiation there is in the votes from our staff. Eight different teams got votes for AFC Wild Card and 12 of the conference's 16 teams got a vote to be in the playoffs. This in contrast to the NFC which is the worse division and had nine teams receive votes.

The best players

NFL MVP: Josh Allen (4 votes), Patrick Mahomes (1 vote) Joe Borrow (1 vote), Justin Herbert (1 vote)

Offensive Player of the Year: Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, Tyreek Hill, Justin Jefferson, Jonathan Taylor (1 vote each)

Defensive Player of the Year: Nick Bosa (4 votes), Micah Parsons (1 vote), Aaron Donald (1 vote)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Chris Olave (3 votes), Dameon Pierce (1 vote), Kenny Pickett (1 vote), George Pickens (1 vote)

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Aiden Hutchinson (3 votes), Jordan Davis (1 vote), Travon Walker (1 vote), Kyle Hamilton (1 vote)

Coach of the Year: Kevin O'Connell (2 votes), Brandon Staley (1 vote), Mike McDaniel (1 vote), Doug Pederson (1 vote), Nick Sitianni (1 vote)

• Four different quarterbacks got MVP votes. Five different skill players got votes for offensive player of the year. The award races are wide open this year and the league is bursting with talent.

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