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May 30, 2017

Report: Arrests after hundreds of teens swarm Margate beach, Wawa

Authorities in Margate reportedly arrested 12 teenagers over Memorial Day weekend as hundreds of others, most from out of town, crowded the town's beaches, fought and congregated outside the local Wawa.

The incidents, first reported by the Inquirer, came during a weekend regarded as the start of the season for regular trips down the shore.

At around 2 p.m. Saturday, about 300 teens became embroiled in a fight on the Washington Avenue beach where the iconic Lucy the Elephant attraction stands, police said. A total of 12 arrests were made, including seven juveniles and five others younger than 20 years old.

By Saturday night, hundreds of teens had gathered outside the Wawa at Washington and Ventnor avenues, where one teen compared it to a nightclub. 

Locals reacted with surprise and concern at the number of teenagers milling around the streets of Margate. The mayor, noting that this has happened for the past few years, told the Inquirer the town must find a way to prevent it from continuing in years to come.