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February 18, 2016

Report: Tension between Philly police, DA over lack of warrants in McCoy case

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It's been 10 days since former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and his friends were allegedly involved in an altercation with off-duty police officers at Recess Lounge in Philadelphia and the District Attorney has yet to issue any arrest warrants.

The police wrapped up their investigation a week ago and recommended charges be brought against McCoy and the others, but according to John Gonzalez of, the District Attorney's office is "pushing back" due to some questions they feel went unanswered.

... the District Attorney’s office is “pushing back” against issuing an arrest warrant for LeSean McCoy for his alleged involvement in a bar brawl with off-duty police officers, law enforcement officials told on Thursday.

According to law enforcement officials, tension between the District Attorney’s office and PPD has risen over the last few days because of the delay in charging McCoy and three other men for their alleged role in a fight at Recess Lounge in Old City early on the morning of Feb. 7. Sources told that the D.A.’s office is hesitant to issue warrants because it has questions about the conduct of the officers that evening, including that the officers did not call 9-1-1 during the incident and whether they were drinking to excess. []

On Wednesday, McCoy's attorney, Dennis Cogan, told the Buffalo News that the Bills running back "did nothing wrong." 

"We're awaiting a decision by the DA's office. We trust that they are really taking time to consider all the surrounding circumstances. But I'm here to say and I'm telling you that McCoy did nothing wrong, nothing wrong. And he was sober. The questions will have to be asked about the conditions of other people."

The Feb. 7 incident was reportedly sparked by an argument over the possession of a bottle of liquor at Recess, and resulted in two off-duty police officers being sent to the hospital.