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February 14, 2016

Rubio wants to make nice with Christie

Senator says he tried calling governor after he dropped out

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be done with his presidential campaign (welcome back to Jersey, Chris!), but that doesn't mean his GOP rivals have forgotten about him.

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on CNN' State of the Union Sunday morning and was asked if he had spoken with Christie since the governor had dropped out following a disappointing finish in the New Hampshire Primary.

Rubio said his campaign has tried calling Christie, but to no avail. He said he thinks the governor's taking a few days off after calling it quits.

Rubio also assured viewers that despite Christie essentially embarrassing him at a debate last week, they're still good buddies. Here's the full quote from the show:

"We have, we've tried to get a hold of him. I think he's taking a few days away from all the grind, and I understand that. I know we spoke to his staff. We're trying to set up a time to talk. I know we had some briefings the day after, or the same day he made that decision, catching up on work. But I want to be clear, I have no animus towards Chris. I like him very much, always have. This is a political campaign, it's a competitive environment, and people are going to exchange, and we gave as good as we've got, and like I said last week in the debate, obviously things didn't go the way we wanted it to, but last night they went very well. But I don't think Chris is done with public service, and my sense is you're going to see him serving this country in different capacities now and in the future. We wish him the best."

Christie has not endorsed a candidate since dropping out, and throwing his support behind Rubio would seemingly go completely against his previous claims that the senator isn't ready to be president.

But the field is shrinking, and maybe Christie's fond memories of the two sleeping over at Mitt Romney's house could sway him to back his pal.