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February 05, 2023

'Saturday Night Live' cast members dress in Eagles and Chiefs gear for Super Bowl commercial spoof

The Feb. 4 episode, hosted by Pedro Pascal, also featured a segment about Punxsutawney Phil

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The latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" — hosted by actor Pedro Pascal with musical guest Coldplay — featured a Super Bowl commercial spoof with cast members in Eagles and Chiefs gear.

The Super Bowl is not only relevant in the sports world, but it also naturally leaks into the entertainment and pop culture spheres as well. With the Eagles in the big game, fans are sure to see references to the Birds every time they turn on their TVs over the next couple weeks.

This was evident on Feb. 4, when "Saturday Night Live" — hosted by actor Pedro Pascal with musical guest Coldplay — featured a Super Bowl commercial spoof as well as a joke about the game during Weekend Update.

During the "Wing Pit" sketch, a commercial for a chicken wing company has football fans gathered at a Super Bowl watch party. At first, the partygoers, dressed in Eagles and Chiefs gear, are happily eating their wings as the Wing Pit spokesperson (Heidi Gardner) details the usual game day wing deals.

"Now that's something we can both agree on," Pedro Pascal, dressed in Chiefs gear, says in reference to the discounts. He then does a chicken wing "cheers" with Kenan Thompson, who is dressed in Eagles merchandise.

What starts out as an average Super Bowl commercial soon takes a turn for the strange.

Gardner begins introducing more and more ludicrous amounts of wings, with sauces ranging from "ethnically troubling" to "butt destroying." Ranch is delivered from an airplane as trash bags of chicken break through the windows, taking down guests. By the end of the commercial, Pascal and Thompson are drowning in fried chicken.

It's unclear whether any of the cast members are actually Eagles fans, although there does appear to be a Chiefs fan among them. Gardner, a Kansas City native, wore Chiefs gear during the closing remarks of the show.

The Super Bowl was referenced again during the Weekend Update segment, when host Colin Jost joked about the historic aspects of this year's Super Bowl.

Weekend Update also featured an "interview" with Punxsutawney Phil (played by cast member Michael Longfellow), the Pennsylvania groundhog famous for Groundhog Day celebrations. This deadpan, disillusioned groundhog hits what appears to be a vape and waxes poetic, saying things like, "Time is an illusion!"

Other entertaining sketches of the night included an interview with the recently-deflated Chinese spy balloon (played by cast member Bowen Yang), an overprotective mom meeting her son's girlfriend for the first time, a dark thriller version of Mario Kart (reminiscent of Pascal's role in HBO's "The Last of Us") and a teacher who doesn't understand why his Gen Z students keep making "Fancams" of him on TikTok (and actress Sarah Paulson makes a cameo).

The next new episode of SNL will air Saturday, Feb. 25 with Woody Harrelson hosting and Jack White as musical guest.

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