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May 13, 2016

Eagles notes: A second look at the absolute steal the Eagles got by moving from 13 to 8

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What would you rather have -- Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso, or second- and third-round picks?

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded up from the eighth-overall pick to the second-overall pick to select Carson Wentz, they paid a stiff price. Here were the details of that trade, as a quick reminder:

Browns got Eagles got 
 2016 1st round pick (8th overall)2016 1st round pick (2nd overall) 
2016 3rd round pick (77th overall) 2017 4th round pick 
2016 4th round pick (100th overall)  
 2017 1st round pick 
 2018 2nd round pick 

Some believe the cost was too high. Others believe that the cost was appropriate for a franchise quarterback. Whatever the case, the above trade would not have been possible without the Eagles having first moved from the 13th overall pick to pick No. 8.

To move from 13 to 8, the Eagles gave up next to nothing. They traded disappointing cornerback Byron Maxwell, while also shaving nearly $5 million off their salary cap in the process, as well as an ineffective Kiko Alonso. Honestly, would anyone really care all that much if either of those players just gone with no compensation in return?

That trade was absolute robbery, especially when you compare it to a similar trade involving the No. 8 overall pick that happened during the draft itself.

With the Cleveland Browns on the clock at the aforementioned pick No. 8, the Tennessee Titans traded up from pick No. 15, just two spots back from where the Eagles originally were at pick No. 13. Here's what they had to give up:

Browns got Titans got 
 2016 1st round pick (15th overall)2016 1st round pick (8th overall) 
2016 3rd round pick (76th overall) 2016 6th round pick (176th overall)
 2017 2nd round pick 

In other words, the Titans had to give up a 2 and a 3 to move up from pick No. 15 to pick No. 8. What would you rather have -- Maxwell and Alonso, or a 2 and a 3?

The eighth-overall pick was also traded in 2013, when the Rams traded with the Bills to move up from pick No. 16 to pick No. 8. Here's what they had to give up:

Bills got Rams got 
 2013 1st round pick (16th overall)2013 1st round pick (8th overall) 
2013 2nd round pick (46th overall) 2013 3rd round pick (71st overall) 
2013 3rd round pick (77th overall)  
 2013 7th round pick (222nd overall) 

That move cost the equivalent of a mid-second round pick. Again, what would you rather have -- Maxwell and Alonso, or a 2?

Yes, the Eagles were -3 picks in their deal to move up from 8 to 2, but that was only possible because they got to 8 for almost nothing.

Eagles rookie minicamp begins today

Here's the full rookie minicamp roster, which includes the Eagles' eight draft picks (obviously), 16 undrafted free agents, two second year players (CB Randall Evans and Malcolm Bunche), and 26 tryouts.

The biggest name among the tryouts is former Notre Dame and Florida State quarterback Everett Golson. Another interesting name is 6'5, 205-pound Angelo State quarterback Kyle Washington, who the Eagles are working out at wide receiver. A highlight reel of Washington:

If Washington gets a training camp invite, he'll be an instant Na Brown Award candidate

Carson Wentz will be speaking at the podium.

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