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March 06, 2016

'SNL' roasts Christie's expression while standing behind Trump

Moynihan does impression of governor's seemingly fearful face

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Christie SNL Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Christie and his "Saturday Night Live" impressionist, Bobby Moynihan.

In case you missed it, the Internet wasn't too kind to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his seemingly morbid expression standing behind Donald Trump during the latter's Super Tuesday victory speech.

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Many on social media thought Christie's face suggested he deeply regretted endorsing Trump after dropping out of the race. Here's a sampling:

Christie was adamant in stating afterwards he was simply listening intently to Trump's speech, not being held hostage.

But that didn't stop "Saturday Night Live" from mocking his stern look.

On Saturday night (duh), the show's cold open lampooned the presidential race, and Bobby Moynihan -- already a seasoned Christie impersonator -- played a fearful version of the governor standing behind Darrell Hammond's Trump.

Hammond's Trump takes several shots at Christie, to which Moynihan's Christie replies, "Yes sir, thank you sir, may I please have another?" You can watch the skit below.