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May 26, 2017

Spicy candy? Skittles and Starburst 'Sweet Heat' flavors coming to store shelves this year

First, there was cinnamon-flavored Pepsi and now spicy candy?

Wrigley and Mars unveiled 30 new flavors and concoctions at the 2017 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago this week, which included an unusual new twist to two candy classics that has some people talking.

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In the coming months, both Skittles and Starbursts will come in new "Sweet Heat" flavors that are described as having a "spicy kick," according to a news release from the companies.

The new pack of Skittles will feature fiery watermelon, blazin' mango, flamin' orange, sizzlin' strawberry and lemon spark, TODAY reported.

Starburst will have similar flavors like fiery watermelon, strawberry mango, flamin' orange and pipin' pineapple.

Both "Sweet Heat" editions of the chewy candies will run at .99 cents for a single pack and $3.19 for a large bag.

"Confectioners and snack manufacturers both are increasingly turning to sweet to balance out hot, spicy or tangy flavors," Susan Whiteside, an expo spokesperson, told Food Business News. "We’ve certainly seen some of that in the candy industry before with Red Hots and Atomic Fireball, but this is taking those flavors to the next level."

Anxious to try? Daredevils will have to wait until December until they hit store shelves.