Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich is author of "Crack the Code: 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment in Men Over 50." He serves as senior vice president and chief administrative officer at Cooper University Health Care, and is an adjunct professor in the Graduate Department of Public Policy and Administration at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. He also sits on various public, non-profit and corporate boards and has published numerous articles in the field of public administration and health. He is a contributing author to "Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Compliance," edited by Jay A. Sigler and Joseph E. Murphy. 

May 5, 2022

Men's Health

Can an optimistic attitude help you live longer? It certainly can't hurt

Positive beliefs about aging can translate into a more active lifestyle and add 7.5 years to your life, Yale University researcher Becca Levy asserts in her new book, "Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long and Well You Live."

April 22, 2022

Men's Health

Dietary needs change with age; Here are some rules to simplify eating healthy

For men over 50, maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, but balancing the decreasing need for calories with body's rising demand for nutrients doesn't have to be complicated. Meal planning, maintaining a well-organized shopping list and considering prep time are great ways to take the guesswork out of eating healthy.

April 8, 2022

Men's Health

Men often hesitate to visit a doctor, but there are effective ways to persuade them

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor, but there are ways to convince them to schedule a visit. Start with the health facts – men are more likely to have various health conditions than women, including blood pressure complications, sudden heart attacks and diabetes. Then move to the financial costs of hospitalizations for preventable illnesses.

March 25, 2022

Men's Health

Friendships boost well-being, but they're difficult to make as people age

Friendships provide a litany of health benefits – particularly in regard to well-being. But it becomes harder to make new friends as adults due to barriers like family obligations, fewer natural opportunities and a tendency to be set in one's ways. Some ways to do so: attend community events, go to the gym and volunteer.

March 10, 2022

Men's Health

Visiting the doctor is a manly habit despite what many men believe

Many men continue to hold archaic beliefs about masculinity – like that it's not manly to visit the doctor. Still, male social mores are changing, if ever so slowly. It's time for more men to join the movement by tending to the mental and physical health. It's the masculine thing to do.

February 25, 2022

Men's Health

Caught a case of the winter blues? Exercise and eating healthy may help

The winter blues cause people to feel lethargic or gloomy, but seasonal affective disorder, known as SAD, is a more serious condition and a type of depression. Natural remedies like exercise, a healthy diet and improved sleep can help people kick the winter blues. SAD may require professional help.

February 11, 2022

Men's Health

Intergenerational friendships can help older adults stay energized

Intergenerational relationships, like teaching or volunteering, particularly as you age, can contribute to your well-being, and are aligned with better physical health and cognitive functioning. But they also provide mentors to young people.

February 4, 2022

Men's Health

A healthy lifestyle provides many benefits – like a boosted immune system

Getting vaccinated in the best defense against many deadly illnesses, including COVID-19. But research suggests a healthy lifestyle can help strengthen the immune system overall, on top of benefiting many other parts of the body.

January 14, 2022

Men's Health

Health screenings can be life-saving tools, but many men foolishly avoid them

Health screenings can help people catch treatable medical conditions before they turn deadly. But many men avoid any kind of preventative care, an attitude that has led to shorter lifespans and more disease than women experience. Screenings for prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, glaucoma and other conditions should all occur regularly as men get older.

December 31, 2021

Men's Health

In a time of uncertainty, a healthy lifestyle is a dependable benefit

A healthy lifestyle can stem the impact of COVID-19 and other diseases as people age, and provide a source of resiliency amid all the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Adopting healthy routines requires a focus on diet and exercise, but it also involves relationships and mind-body connections.

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