Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich is author of "Crack the Code: 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment in Men Over 50." He serves as senior vice president and chief administrative officer at Cooper University Health Care, and is an adjunct professor in the Graduate Department of Public Policy and Administration at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. He also sits on various public, non-profit and corporate boards and has published numerous articles in the field of public administration and health. He is a contributing author to "Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Compliance," edited by Jay A. Sigler and Joseph E. Murphy. 

September 23, 2022

Men's Health

Need some motivation to start a healthy lifestyle? Here are 25 benefits

Only about 3% of Americans live healthy lifestyles, and upwards of 70% are overweight or obese. But there are many reasons for people to begin living healthy, including a longer life expectancy, better sleep, reduced anxiety, a lower risk of cancer and diabetes, weight loss, fewer headaches and an improved sex life.

September 9, 2022

Men's Health

With the U.S. life expectancy gap among genders growing, it's time for men to take action

The latest life expectancy estimates from the CDC show women are expected to live nearly 6 years longer than men in the United States. Another report shows U.S. men have some of the highest rates of avoidable deaths, chronic conditions and mental health needs among affluent countries. It's time for men to take action to improve these numbers.

August 26, 2022

Men's Health

Spending time with grandchildren can help older adults find a sense of purpose

Close relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren produce a win-win result, research shows. Grandparents are kept young by staying active and mobile, with more meaning and less depression in their lives. And researchers have observed less emotional and behavioral problems in the grandchildren.

August 12, 2022

Men's Health

The pathway to a healthy lifestyle is clear, but more men need to find the motivation to follow it

American men are sicker and die earlier than their peers in 11 other high-income countries, a report from the Commonwealth Fund found. Their rates of avoidable deaths, chronic conditions and mental health needs are among the highest. Plus, U.S. men with lower incomes have an increased likelihood of poor health outcomes.

July 29, 2022

Men's Health

Post-traumatic growth proves people often adopt healthy lifestyles despite adversity

Post-traumatic growth is the lesser known of the post-traumatic conditions, exceeded by the more notable post-traumatic stress disorder. Unlike PTSD, PTG represents the positive change that can result from the adversity of a traumatic event. Many people have adopted healthier lifestyles – like diet and exercise – after watching loved ones die of heart attacks or cancer.

July 15, 2022

Mental Health

Need motivation to exercise? Listening to music can be a difference maker

Music can help can create a positive reaction to exercising that enhances performance and diminishes fatigue, research shows. It can help people increase stamina and boost their mood while working out. Plus, it serves as a motivating factor to begin a fitness routine that improves overall health.

July 1, 2022

Men's Health

Summer makes a great time to revisit your resolutions to live healthier

Many people have long ago ditched their New Year's resolutions, but the summer season is an opportunity to take actions to live healthy. The warm weather presents new opportunities to exercise and social events like cookouts, family vacations and holidays frequently put people in front of key sources for motivation – their friends and families.

June 17, 2022

Men's Health

Fatherhood offers many health benefits and can serve as motivation to adopt new habits

Father's Day offers an opportunity to urge men to confront their health needs. Enjoying time with adult children and grandchildren can be a motivator to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Plus, fatherhood itself provides some health benefits. It has a positive impact on mortality, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline and heart attack survival, research shows.

June 3, 2022

Men's Health

Snacking can become a healthy habit with a little planning

Snacking can serve an important role in meeting your dietary needs. There are plenty of good-tasting alternatives to store-bought snacks, which tend to be high in sodium, sugar, fat and preservatives. To enhance snacking choices, and achieve dietary goals, there are some helpful strategies – like focusing on portion control by packaging snacks into single-serving containers.

May 20, 2022

Men's Health

Strong father-son bonds can create rituals that get passed down for generations

The long-term implications of a strong relationship between a father and his son can last generations. The lessons and experiences shared create a model for children to pass down to their kids. And the bonds give adults a reason to live healthy – so they can enjoy the rituals they created with their loved ones.

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