Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich

Louis Bezich is author of "Crack the Code: 10 Proven Secrets that Motivate Healthy Behavior and Inspire Fulfillment in Men Over 50." He serves as senior vice-president, strategic alliances with Cooper University Health Care, and is an adjunct professor in the Graduate Department of Public Policy and Administration at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. He also sits on various public, non-profit and corporate boards and has published numerous articles in the field of public administration and health. He is a contributing author to "Corporate Lawbreaking and Interactive Compliance," edited by Jay A. Sigler and Joseph E. Murphy. 

April 7, 2020

Men's Health

Americans' response to the coronavirus provides a model for future behavior change

The behavioral changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic can be repurposed to improve the overall health of Americans. The COVID-19 crisis has proven that Americans have the ability to tackle the obesity epidemic and other widespread health problems, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

March 25, 2020


Finding your new normal through healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 outbreak

Beneath the plight that's engulfed our nation, our region, my hospital and my family during the COVID-19 outbreak, I'm sensing an extraordinary level of grit. The disruption of life as we know it can spur a deeper perspective on what’s important, and inspire us to find ways to cope. There are work-arounds to maintain healthy living, including learning at-home workouts.

March 10, 2020

Men's Health

The coronavirus provides a wake-up call for men to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Middle-aged men appear more susceptible to the coronavirus, due in part to their lifestyle choices, including smoking. That could serve as a wake-up call for older men to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

February 25, 2020


As men age, it's important to seek out new friendships

Building new friendships is a crucial, yet overlooked, part of aging. Many men rely on social networks to provide male bonding, but they often lack meaningful relationships. To avoid loneliness, which increases the risk of premature death, men must be willing to step outside of their comfort zones.

February 11, 2020

Men's Health

Sex can be a motivator for healthy living, especially after age 50

Desiring to improve your sex life? For men over age 50, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help achieve the goal of a healthy sex life.

January 28, 2020


Know no boundaries: Anytime is a good time to embark on a healthy lifestyle

The majority of Americans who have either abandoned or are on the cusp of quitting their pursuit of a New Year's resolution. But any time is a good time to begin new behaviors, particularly if they involve a healthy lifestyle. It's helps to have a motivational plan.

January 14, 2020

Men's Health

Grandchildren remind us to find magic in the moment – and provide motivation for healthy living

Grandchildren can provide the motivation necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, who wants to miss all the precious moments?

December 31, 2019

Men's Health

A New Year's resolution for older men: Undergo a prostate exam

Sixty percent of prostate cancer cases occur among men older than 65 – a figure topped only by skin cancer. And screenings are recommended for high-risk men as early as age 40.

December 24, 2019

Men's Health

A health guide to drinking alcohol at the holidays

For those conscious of their health, what is the current thinking when it comes to alcohol? I can remember reading studies suggesting that a glass of wine every night was good for you. Is this still the case? Are there some simple rules of thumb that a conscientious person can follow? Well, sort of.

December 3, 2019

Men's Health

Men, give yourself the gift of health this holiday season

Only three in five men get an annual physical, and 40% don’t go to the doctor even when they fear they have a serious medical condition. That needs to change.

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