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February 01, 2017

Super Bowl LI: 51 prop bets for Sunday's big game between Patriots and Falcons

On Sunday, when the New England Patriots meet the Atlanta Falcons in Houston for Super Bowl LI, millions from around the world will tune in to watch the game spectacle, many of whom couldn't care less about the two teams involved in sports' biggest yearly event.

That's because the Super Bowl is much more than just a game. There's football, sure, but there are also the commercials, the parties, the celebrities, the halftime performance and, of course, gambling.

Over the years, that last one has become more and more popular as new ways to place wagers have become available, not to mention the number of things on which you can now bet.

For a normal game, you might bet on some of the following:

•  Spread for Super Bowl LI:

New England Patriots: -3 (-120)
Atlanta Falcons: +3 (+100)

•  Moneyline for Super Bowl LI:

New England Patriots: (-150)
Atlanta Falcons: (+130)

•  Odds to win Super Bowl LI MVP:

Tom Brady: 3/2
Matt Ryan: 7/4
Julio Jones: 11/2
Field: 10/1

•  Over/under on total points scored: 57.5

But for the Super Bowl, that's just the beginning. Here's a look at 51 of the best prop bets for Sunday night's game (via Bovada and other betting sites), ranging from the fairly traditional to the outright wacky.

1. O/U total points at halftime: 29.5

2. Odds on the Super Bowl going to overtime: 9/1

3. Odds a missed extra point: 7/3

4. O/U total turnovers: 1.5

5. Odds someone completes a Hail Mary: 66/1

6. Odds a defense scores a TD: 4/1

7. Odds a kick/punt is returned for a TD: 13/1

8. Odds a kick/punt is blocked: 12/1

9. Odds to throw more TDs:

Tom Brady: 10/9
Matt Ryan: 5/3
Tie: 5/1

10. Odds to throw more INTs:

Matt Ryan: 6/5
Tom Brady: 7/3
Tie: 3/1

11. Odds to rush for the most yards:

LeGarrette Blount: 9/4
Devonta Freeman: 5/2
Tevin Coleman: 3/1
Dion Lewis: 6/1
Field: 28/1

12. Odds to have the most receiving yards:

Julio Jones: 2/1
Chris Hogan: 5/1
Julian Edelman: 5/1
Mohamed Sanu: 8/1
Martellus Bennett: 10/1
Taylor Gabriel: 10/1
Field: 14/1

13. Odds to score the first TD:

Julio Jones: 9/2
Devonta Freeman: 5/1
LeGarrette Blount: 6/1
Mohamed Sanu: 7/1
Martellus Bennett: 9/1
Chris Hogan: 11/1
Julian Edelman: 11/1
Tevin Coleman: 14/1
Dion Lewis: 16/1
Field: 12/1

14. Odds the game breaks the Super Bowl record for most combined points (55, Super Bowl XXIV): 8/3

15. Odds on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach:

Orange: 7/2
Blue: 15/4
Clear/Water: 4/1
Purple: 6/1
Yellow: 13/2
None: 10/1

16. Odds on what color hoodie Bill Belichick wears:

Blue: 4/11
Grey: 3/1
Red: 40/1
Field: 50/1

17. Odds the game gets delayed (by anything): 19/1

18. Odds the power goes out in the stadium: 99/1

19. Odds there is a Microsoft tablet malfunction: 6/1

20. Odds a participating player is arrested during Super Bowl week: 15/1

21. Odds there is a brawl on the field: 150/1

22. Odds there is a brawl in the stands amongst the fans: 1/5

23. Odds a fan streaks the field: 4/1 

24. Odds a fan throws a _____ on the field:

Flare: 15/1
Slightly deflated football: 19/1
Dildo: 45/1
Dead falcon: 300/1 

25. Odds Bill Belichick retires after Super Bowl LI: 12/1

26. Odds Tom Brady retires after Super Bowl LI: 11/1

27. O/U on references to Deflategate: 1.5

28. O/U on the number of times Gisele Bundchen is shown on screen: 1.5

29. If Patriots win, odds Brady, Belichick or Kraft will be seen shaking Goodell’s hand: 4/6

30. Who will Donald Trump pick to win the game?

Patriots: 1/5
Falcons: 3/1

31. O/U on how many times “Trump” will be said during live broadcast: 1.5

32. Odds a player (on either team) will be seen kneeling during the national anthem: 5/2

33. Over/Under on the length of Luke Bryan’s National Anthem: 2 minutes, 15 seconds

34. What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday?

Tom Brady Rushing Yards: 17/10
Trump's interview with Bill O'Reilly (in minutes): 2/5

35. Odds “Houston, we have a problem” will be said on TV during live broadcast: 5/2

36. Odds on which company will air the first commercial (after the coin toss):

Bud Light: 25/1
Lexus: 30/1
Intel: 30/1
Skittles: 30/1
Wix: 30/1
TurboTax: 33/1
Avocados from Mexico: 35/1
Mr. Clean: 35/1
Hyundai: 500/1

37. Odds on which brand will win best commercial (per USA Today ad meter):

Budweiser: 5/2
Hyundai: 4/1
Wix: 5/1
Field: 5/3

38. O/U commercials parodying Donald Trump: 1.5

39. O/U commercials featuring Peyton Manning: 1

40. Odds a player in the game is featured in a commercial: 1/19

41. Odds a player in the game is featured in multiple commercials: 9/1

42. Odds on who is more likely to host Saturday Night Live following the Super Bowl:

Tom Brady: 1/19
Julio Jones: 25/1
Matt Ryan: 50/1
Bill Belichick: 5,000/1

43. Odds someone falls off the stage during the halftime show: 12/1 

44. Odds there's a halftime show sound malfunction: 12/1

45. Odds there's a halftime show wardrobe malfunction: 2/1

46. Odds Lady Gaga wears an outfit that “breaks” Twitter: 1/3

47. Odds Lady Gaga wears an outfit FOX needs to blur for indecency: 3/2

48. Odds Lady Gaga has a snake on stage during the halftime show: 4/5

49. Odds someone catches on fire during the halftime show: 25/1

50. Odds on Lady Gaga’s opening halftime show song:

Born This Way: 9/4
Bad Romance: 5/2
Edge of Glory: 6/1
Poker Face: 10/1
Just Dance: 10/1
Other: 11/10

51. Odds Lady Gaga gets booed during halftime show: 9/1

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