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Back Pain


Common causes of back pain in adults

Purchased - Woman sitting at her desk with back pain


Five hospitalized after roller coaster malfunctions at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey

Six Flags El Toro

Adult Health

Does being tall affect your health? Research shows it may increase risk of some medical conditions

Height colon cancer


To prevent back pain from shoveling snow, take these precautions

Safe Snow Shoveling

Adult Health

Is early physical therapy better for lower back pain? The answer is complicated

Physical Therapy Back Pain


Total hip replacement relieves lower back pain for some people

Back pain improved by hip replacement

Alternative Medicine

Medicare mulls decision to cover acupuncture for lower back pain

Medicare Coverage Acupuncture


Penn Medicine just opened an entire center dedicated to spinal care and back pain

penn medicine spine center

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Millennials' health suffers from all that technology at their fingertips


Mindful Mondays

A taller, slimmer, younger you in 21 days? Meet the foam roller

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