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Pain Relief

Women's Health

Tylenol use during pregnancy could cause language delays in children, researchers say

Tylenol Pregnancy Language

Adult Health

Sciatic nerve pain can be debilitating, but surgery often is unnecessary

Sciatica surgery

Adult Health

Steroid shots offer pain relief from knee arthritis, but they may make the condition worse over time

Knee injections pain relief

Children's Health

Epidurals are not linked to autism in children, new data shows

Epidural and autism link


Children often receive unsafe opioid prescriptions after surgery, dental procedures, data shows

Opioid prescriptions children

Adult Health

When to see a doctor about Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon pain

Adult Health

Ice vs. heat for pain? It can depend on several factors, experts say

Treating pain

Senior Health

Dextrose injection relieves knee pain from arthritis, study finds

Knee osteoarthritis pain


Adding good deeds to your New Year's resolutions may reduce physical pain

Good deeds can reduce physical pain


Does taking acetaminophen while pregnant increase chances of a child having ADHD and autism?

Pregnant Woman during third trimester

Adult Health

What’s the difference between acetaminophen and ibuprofen?

Ibuprofren Motrin

Alternative Medicine

NFL inching toward approving marijuana as pain treatment for players

nfl marijuana pain treatment

Adult Health

Pairing painkillers with music may enhance relief, new study finds

pain pills music


Experiencing regular pain? Improving sleep quality could provide relief, study suggests

Woman sleeping in bed

Alternative Medicine

Hemp stocking stuffers: your guide to CBD this holiday season

anthology wellness nolibs cbd oil

Alternative Medicine

We tried it: Summit Acupuncture in Old City

Carroll - We Tried It - Summit Acupuncture


FDA approves opioid five to 10 times more powerful than fetanyl


Senior Health

Day-tripping to the dispensary: Seniors in pain hop aboard the canna-bus



Drug company that mimics marijuana for pain relief goes public

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