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Children often receive unsafe opioid prescriptions after surgery, dental procedures, data shows

Opioid prescriptions children

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Why your dentist might seem pushy

Dishonest Dentists

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Silver fillings may place certain dental patients' health at risk, FDA warns

Dental fillings mercury safety

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Routine dental work should be delayed until COVID-19 transmission falls, WHO advises

Dentists WHO COVID-19

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Pennsylvania lifts restrictions on some dental procedures during coronavirus lockdown


Dentists should postpone non-emergency procedures due to coronavirus threat, ADA says

Dentists elective procedures coronavirus

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New Jersey dentist loses license after practice spread heart infection bacteria to patients


Does poor dental hygiene impact your heart health?

oral hygiene heart

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Microscopic robots could one day clean your teeth

Robotics Clean Dental Plaque Teeth

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3 Philadelphia dental offices closed due to unsanitary practices, possible infection



Trump Mar-a-Lago buddy, a Pennsylvania dentist, wrote policy pitch. The president sent it to VA chief

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Dentist's patients told to get tested for HIV and hepatitis



Bucks County dentist charged in alleged $1.5 million Medicaid fraud

Bucks Dentist

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Open your mouth and say goo-goo: dentists treating ever-younger patients


Area dental practices warn patients that personal information may be at risk

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No more fillings: Dentists reveal new tooth decay treatment