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Melanoma is more likely to kill Black men than others, research finds

Melanoma in Black men


Slugging can help soothe dry skin, but it's not ideal for everyone

Slugging Dry Skin


Cold weather brings itchy, irritated, dry and scaly skin. Here's how to treat it

Dry Skin Winter


Regular dermatology checkups can save your life

Purchased - a dermatology exam


Why you should see a dermatologist at least once a year

Purchased - Dermatologist examining a patient's skin


Struggling to stop biting your nails? There are health reasons to quit

chronic nail-biting

Adult Health

Telemedicine can reduce wait times for highly-sought dermatology visits

Dermatologist Consult Telehealth

Adult Health

The effects of psoriasis can be more than skin deep

The effects of psoriasis are more than skin deep: Here's what you need to know

Health News

Racial disparity evident in acne treatment, according to Penn researchers

Acne Penn Medicine


Find a new mole? Here's what you should do next

Health News

Dermatologists are prescribing fewer antibiotics – but they still outpace other specialties

Odd News

Philly dermatologists pick apart Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Sandra Lee, Pimple Popper


Two sunscreen ingredients you might consider avoiding if you're concerned about the oceans



Poison ivy: a ‘familiar stranger’ that could ruin your summer

Carroll - Poison Ivy


Penn study: Minorities are less likely to see a doctor for common skin disease

Stock_Carroll - Penn Medicine

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