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September 27, 2016

Temple student's art display tells white people to 'do something'

A recent art display at Temple University's Tyler School of Art tells white people to "do something" in the midst of a period of racial and social tension in the United States.

The display, installed on the grass outside the school, was created by Kara Springer, a sculpture graduate student at Tyler. It reads in plain white text on a black background: "white people. do something."

The banner was raised shortly before an organized protest from Temple University’s Black Student Union at the school's homecoming game Saturday, NBC10 noted.

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The group sat down during the national anthem at the game in response to recent police shootings of black men, following a trend that started in the NFL and has trickled down to the high school level.

Springer's work was picked up by the conservative news website Breitbart, which highlighted criticisms of the display.

Springer is a native of Barbados who grew up in Southern Ontario, according to her website. Her previous work has been featured in several European museums.