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May 11, 2017

This map shows everywhere in Pennsylvania you can buy wine and six-packs to go

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Pennsylvania six pack sales Charlie Neibergall/AP

The Pennsylvania Senate passed legislation that would enable beer distributors to sell beer in any volume, including six-packs and growlers.

Under Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania's reputation as a state with backward liquor laws is no longer as warranted as it once was.

Last year, the Wolf administration's adoption of Act 39 introduced several reforms aimed at modernizing the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, which regulates the state system of Fine Wine & Good Sprits stores and privately owned beer distributors that historically have served as our primary beverage alcohol merchants.

Legislation signed by Wolf has expanded the hours of state stores, allowed six-packs to be sold in gas stations, restaurants and beer distributors, and permited both wine and beer to be sold at additional locations including select grocery stores.

As of 2017, the PLCB has approved 430 locations that may sell up to three liters of wine and two six-packs of beer to go, per transaction with one customer.The interactive map below contains each and every one of them.