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Cocktails-to-go measure moves forward in Pennsylvania despite Wolf's expected veto

Pennsylvania cocktails-to-go legislation


Women now drink as much as men — and are prone to sickness sooner

Alcoholism Gender Gap

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania Libations is new merchant at Reading Terminal Market

wine and spirits at reading terminal

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania residents can enter lotteries to buy 213 rare whiskey bottles

PLCB Whiskey April


Sixers make Hennessy the official spirit of the team

Sixers Hennessy Philly


Fine Wine & Good Spirits opens new location in West Philly

West Philly Fine Winge

Food & Drink

PLCB holding lottery to sell off almost 2,000 bottles of coveted Van Winkle whiskey

plcb whiskey lottery.jpg


Two South Jersey bars cited for violating state's COVID-19 restrictions

new jersey bars citations.png


State seeking to temporarily strip liquor licenses from four South Jersey bars for violation of COVID-19 restrictions

new jersey liquor licenses bars.jpg


These are the top-selling liquors and wines in Pennsylvania in the last year

2020 PA Liquor Sales

Food & Drink

Pennsylvania's Revivalist Spirits gin chosen as best in America by USA Today readers

Revivalist Gin


Alcohol consumption surging amid pandemic – particularly among women

Alcohol consumption COVID-19 pandemic


New Jersey wine, spirits companies hit with $10 million in penalties for incentives scheme

NJ Wine Spirits


Alcoholic beverages permanently allowed to be consumed within Atlantic City Tourism District

atlantic city open container laws

Health News

Your smartphone soon may be able to tell if you're drunk

smartphone drunk accelerometer


More Fine Wine & Good Spirits locations in Philly to reopen for limited in-person shopping

Pennsylvania liquor stores


Atlantic City, Cape May now allowing consumption of alcohol in select outdoor areas

New Jersey open container laws


Some Pennsylvania liquor stores to begin permitting in-person shopping

PLCB liquor stores


Pennsylvania bars, restaurants now permitted to sell takeout cocktails

Cocktails to-go Pennsylvania


Curbside liquor sales give boost to PLCB, but push for reform looms during COVID-19 crisis

Curbside Fine Wine


WHO urges restrictions on alcohol sales during COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol use during COVID-19 Shutdown


Nearly all of the Philly-area Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores will soon be offering curbside pickup

Liquor Curbside Philly


Pennsylvania liquor stores offering curbside pickup to customers starting Monday

Pennsylvania liquor stores


Pennsylvania to expand online liquor sales by using Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores

Pennsylvania Liquor Online


Pennsylvanians desperately seeking alcohol now being turned away in Ohio, too


America is drinking its way through the coronavirus crisis – and that's no party

Coronavirus Alcohol Sales

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Where to buy liquor in Philadelphia

Where to find liquor in Philadelphia


These are the top 10 liquors Pennsylvania residents are ordering during the COVID-19 crisis

PLCB COVID-19 Pennsylvania Online


Delco travelers crossing border to buy alcohol at Delaware Total Wine stopped by state troopers

Total Wine Delco Delaware

Liquor Control Board

Pennsylvania reopens online liquor sales, then site quickly shuts down due to overwhelming demand


Fine Wine & Good Spirits offering storewide 10% Leap Day sale on Saturday

Leap Day Liquor Pennsylvania

Bucks County

Last dry town in Bucks County may finally lift its 70-year-old alcohol ban

Adult Health

Study puts Pennsylvania among nation’s heaviest drinking states

Pennsylvania drinking


These are the top three liquor products Philly residents bought this year

Philly liquor

Men's Health

A health guide to drinking alcohol at the holidays

Holiday drinking


The science behind hangovers and their myriad 'cures'

Best hangover cures


Even drinking just a little alcohol increases cancer risk, study finds

Drinking alcohol cancer risk

Adult Health

Deaths from alcohol-related liver disease keep climbing – as American life expectancy keeps falling

Alcohol-related liver disease deaths

Philadelphia Union

MLS will allow liquor sponsorships on jerseys. Which local booze would each Philly team choose?

Phang Gritty at a game


Do genetics make some people more prone to drunken blackouts?

Genetics of binge drinking and blacking out

Food & Drink

Wawa wins liquor license bids in Philadelphia, Delaware County

Carroll - Wawa

Food & Drink

The PLCB is auctioning a 70-year-old bottle of whiskey; the starting price is $25,000

Whiskey pour