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April 21, 2016

The time Ed Snider kicked Donald Trump out of a Flyers playoff game

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Before he was the front-runner for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States, Donald Trump was a businessman and, apparently, a sports fan.

But the one thing that remained the same was his ability to talk ... and sometimes, not know when to stop.

During the memorial service for late Flyers founder and owner Ed Snider, Drew Katz -- son of Lewis Katz, the former owner of the Inquirer, Daily News and, who died tragically in a plane crash in 2014 -- told one of the better Snider stories that was recounted all day.

After talking about how much Snider meant to him -- “I had two fathers, Lewis Katz and Ed Snider," he said -- Katz decided to lighten things up by sharing the following anecdote about the guy who was best man at his father's wedding.

"Did you know Mr. Snider once kicked Donald Trump out of his box at a Flyers playoff game?" Katz asked while the audience let out a laugh. 

Here's the full story:

Did you know that Ed Snider once kicked Donald Trump out of a suite at a hockey playoff game? It had nothing to do with his political views. I don’t even think his political views had formed then. It had to do with the fact that Donald would not stop talking to Ed during the game. There’s nothing that comes between Ed Snider and his hockey games.

As Katz went on to explain, it was before his political career took off and had nothing to do with politics: Snider just wanted to watch the game, but Trump wouldn't stop talking. 

So the Flyers owner did what any fan trying to pay attention to the game would do and told him to get out of the box.

The lesson here? Don't come between a man and his love of hockey ... especially during the playoffs. And especially in Philadelphia.

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