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June 21, 2017

Trevor Noah jokes nation would 'have to share' Bill Cosby as pharmacist under Trumpcare

Trevor Noah divulged advice to Democrats trying to fight a GOP-led health care bill on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," suggesting that some scare tactics may help in their efforts.

Noah, host of the Comedy Central show, took on the polarizing subject after Democratic leaders spent their Monday night giving speeches on the Senate floor in hopes of bringing awareness to a bill they say is being written in secrecy.

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Noah said that Monday's speeches could have used something more after showing clips of Republican leaders lamenting Obamacare the previous year, where politicians warned that the plan would give free health insurance to "illegal aliens," would be a "government takeover" and would end up killing many Americans.

"But, you see, all that death panel, suicide, scary made-up s***? That's what changes peoples' minds," Noah said. "It's why Republicans did it. That's what Democrats needed. They needed to bring that to us last night. And I"ll give them this: They tried, but it just wasn't the same."

Noah then shined a flashlight under his chin and gave his best pitch, mentioning a 79-year-old Bill Cosby whose sexual assault case ended in a mistrial over the weekend. 

"Have you heard the tale of Trumpcare? Crafted in a secret ancient house on Capitol Hill. They said it would throw 23 million people off health care and premiums would rise! By like, 700 percent or something. Like, a really big number. The secret Republican bill would also make it mandatory for everyone to wear a catheter. 'Oh but I don't have a urine problem.' Too bad! Open your pee-pee hole. And scariest of all, under Trumpcare, every American would have to share one pharmacist: Bill Cosby."

Watch the clip below: