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September 23, 2015

Trump mocks Chris Christie over debate perspiration

Calls 'poor' New Jersey governor a 'nice guy'

Donald Trump continues to mock rivals and opponents while consistently hovering at the top of the polls.

His latest target: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, among others. 

While speaking to an African-American business group in South Carolina, Trump took shots at several of his Republican challengers.

After lodging a more serious attack at Sen. Marco Rubio's voting record, he discussed how several candidates were sweating through the latest debate aired on CNN.

In doing so, he poked fun at Christie. Per CNN:

"That room was hot. I mean, poor Chris Christie!" he said. After some gasps and laughter, Trump said, "No, it's true."
"(Christie)'s a nice guy. It wasn't fair. it was an amazing thing; I was like a piece of water," he said.

Trump hasn't reserved his attack dog antics for fellow presidential hopefuls. He announced Wednesday that he wasn't going to appear on Fox News for the "foreseeable future" for what he perceives as unfair treatment:

That tweet came after a series of jabs directed at anchor Megan Kelly, whom Trump took issue with following the first GOP debate. 

Amid the attacks, Trump continues to hold a wide margin over his Republican challengers, according to a recent Fox News poll. Christie registered at five percent in that survey.