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November 22, 2015

WATCH: Daisy, dog with disability, runs for the first time

Dog with congenital deformity goes viral with heartwarming video

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112215_DaisyDog Contributed Art /Underbite Unite

Daisy the dog runs for the first time on prosthetic legs.

Joy can be a difficult feeling to describe, but it's one of those things a picture or a video conveys instantly, even if (maybe especially if) it's a dog.

For Daisy, a disabled 5-year-old dog born with a congenital deformity in her legs, the chance of ever running would have been impossible without the intervention of her rescuers at Underbite Unite. When an animal control officer discovered her roaming the streets, she was picked up and scheduled for euthanization.

Rescued in the nick of time, Daisy's owners tried a series of methods to help her become more mobile. They said her deformity made her hop around like a bunny and kids actually mistook her for one.

Two years ago, Daisy's family bought her a wheelchair so she could maneuver outdoors and get the exercise she needed. It worked for a while, but eventually the posture it required put too much of a strain on her spine. In search of another solution, the family turned to prosthetics. If it worked – and a video found its natural home on the internet – the attention would not only help Daisy, but forward their goal of encouraging pet owners to help disabled animals experience fulfillment.

"Our mission is to raise awareness of the special needs, as well as the dogs and cats in the shelter that are considered unadoptable due to their physical appearances," Underbite Unite states on its Facebook page.

It took some time getting used to the prosthetics, but Daisy is now up and running.