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April 20, 2016

WATCH: Puppy learns the ropes of jumping onto a bed

Three-month old shows little sister how to get into snuggle position

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042016_Puppysnuggle Source/YouTube

Three-month old Moo Ping shows one-month-old Khao Neaw how to get onto a bed in Thailand.

Every puppy undergoes certain bumbling rites of passage that define being a puppy just as much as any growth chart or dog-based multiple years.

The obvious milestones for any puppy are potty training and crate training, followed by learning to walk on a leash and realizing that expensive pieces of furniture are not intended for teething. Eventually, they learn their names, how to roll over, when to bark (but usually not when they shouldn't), and how to sit so that they can get a dozen or so treats.

If you really think about it, the best lesson a pup can learn may be how to climb into bed and snuggle with an owner without any assistance. It always feels like a show of support that entirely validates the position of dogs as man's best friend. While it often takes help from an owner to get the puppy adjusted, other times, all it takes is a little nudge from an older sibling.

In the video below, shared on BarkPost, one-month-old Khao Neaw learns firsthand from her old brother, three-month-old Moo Ping, how to make her way onto a bed. The only issue now will be whether the two siblings end up competing every night for the coziest spot next to their owners.