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May 26, 2017

WATCH: For these SEPTA bus riders, commute is a pain in the butt

Police Viral Video
SEPTA Bus assault Screengrab of video from Isaura Falcon/Via Facebook

On Wednesday, crazy scenes unfolded around a Route 47 bus near Fifth and Clearfield streets in Philadelphia's Fairhill neighborhood.

One good thing about videos on social media is their ability to show us the best of the world.

Unfortunately, they also show people at their worst.

A video posted Wednesday documenting a crazy scene outside a Route 47 bus in the city’s Fairhill neighborhood falls clearly into the latter category.

The two-minute-and-48-second clip starts calmly enough. Facebook user Isaura Falcon’s video starts with the videographer sitting in a car behind the bus near Fifth and Clearfield streets.

When the camera moves out of the car to the front of the bus, madness ensues.

About 35 seconds in, a woman in a bra and unbuttoned jeans violently demands entry onto a bus. The driver does not comply with this loud request, which includes an assertion from the would-be passenger that “I’m dying.”

About 20 seconds elapse before the person returns to the frame from the far side of the bus before climbing atop the front of the bus claiming “my a** is on fire.” 

It ends with the person still standing – forward-facing – pressed against the windshield. The video ends at that point, but SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel helped fill in some details.

The incident was reported to SEPTA police around 10:27 a.m. Wednesday. 

The video would make its way to Facebook exactly 44 minutes later. It had more than 357,000 views by Friday morning.

The police report makes note that the “offender” – a 37-year-old woman who lives in that general vicinity – began punching and kicking the windshield. I’ll let the police report take it from here:

“(The offender) was wearing a bra and jeans, screaming that she was on fire and needed to get on the bus while also punching the door of the bus,” it read. “The offender climbed onto the front of the bus, taking the windshield wiper off and inserted it in her rectum.

“The below offender was taken into custody and transported to Episcopal Hospital for unknown narcotic intoxication.”

Here’s hoping she gets the help that she needs.