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May 31, 2016

Wildwood mayor blames millennials for trashy beach party

Mayor Ernie Traiano Jr. to litter bugs: 'Don't come here, you're not wanted'

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Wildwood Mayor Ernie Traiano Jr.

The mayor of Wildwood has weighed in on the Memorial Day weekend bacchanalia that left several beaches covered in red solo cups and other debris from the holiday ruckus. 

The fault, Mayor Ernie Traiano Jr. told, belongs to millennials.

"The millennials who are supposed to be the most environmentally conscious out there are the biggest problem," Traiano said. "Ignorance knows no social class. If you don't do it at home, don't do it here. If you do this at home, don't come here, you're not wanted."

On Monday, scenes from the litter-strewn beach went viral after The Facebook group Watch The Tramcar Please posted a video showing a massive stretch of sand festooned with litter.

Traiano, who has served as mayor of Wildwood since 2011, said Memorial Day weekend presents a yearly problem for beach patrols because people stream in from all over the place and show little regard for the community. He said police were on duty at the beach this past weekend and several tickets were issued to those responsible for the trash. Fines for littering can cost up to $500.

Local crews managed to clean up the mess by 11 a.m. Monday and will continue to maintain the beaches on a regular basis, Traiano said.

Clearly, in the worst fashion, millennials have lost touch with the old way of partying on the beach.