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June 20, 2022

'The Simpsons'-themed Moe's Tavern pop-up opens at Wildwood boardwalk

The traveling BYOB replica of the bar from the legendary series will be open through Labor Day with burgers and games

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Moe's Boardwalk, inspired by the tavern from 'The Simpsons," will be open through Labor Day at 21st and the Boardwalk in North Wildwood.

A piece of Springfield is making a summer stop at the Wildwood boardwalk, perfect if you're searching for a seedy bar where nobody knows your name.

A real-life replica of Moe's Tavern from "The Simpsons" opened over the weekend at 21st and The Boardwalk in North Wildwood. The traveling pop-up will remain at the Jersey Shore through Labor Day. 

Dubbed Moe's Boardwalk, the ticketed experience is BYOB and has non-alcoholic Duff-D'Oh! beer on tap, in addition to custom crafted sodas and a kid-friendly Flaming Moe beverage. The menu features an array of burgers, chicken tenders and salads.

The most daring guests at Moe's Boardwalk can try The Klogger, derived from the show's fictional fast-food joint Krusty Burger. It includes four 1/4-pound all beef patties, six slices of American cheese, six slices of ham and six strips of bacon with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a brioche bun.

"This is about as close of a re-creation of Moe's without being in a cartoon. You can sit at the bar, perhaps catch a crank call, drink a Duff-D'Oh!, and even put on an apron and be Moe!" the pop-up's creators say. "You can take a photo with spider pig, see if Itchy and Scratchy are lurking about, try your hand at the working Love Tester, and play some pool."

Other themed games include corhole, a Wall of Fame and a chalkboard for writing Bart-style punishments. There's a vague warning that Sideshow Bob lurks around the tavern.

On occasion throughout the summer, the pop-up is expected to partner with local breweries and will have beer available for sale during these events.

The Moe's Tavern pop-up previously spent two weeks at the Springfield Mall in Delaware County last fall.

Tickets to Moe's Boardwalk range in price from $18 to $89, depending on the dates and packages selected. Children ages 4 and under do not need tickets to enter.