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January 04, 2019

Will Eagles' QB Nick Foles' performance this week be hindered by bruised ribs?

Nick Foles got lucky in Washington when he found out he had bruised ribs and not broken ribs.

After being limited during a light week of practice, the Eagles backup-turned-starter-turned-backup-turned-starter-again is throwing at full strength and will be good to go in Chicago Sunday.

How much pain he'll be playing through is known only to him, but suffice it to say, he'll be pushing through some discomfort this weekend.

"Each day it gets better," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said Friday. "He's doing everything he can, with treatment and rehab protocols we have him on and what he wants to do. He's feeling good. He threw yesterday. Did a nice job and we just have to keep — see where he's at again today, but each day he's getting better."

According to an expert in rib injuries, NovaCare's Shawna Israel, a physical therapist and athletic trainer, there will be a lot of prep work put into getting Foles padded or wrapped up in a way that helps to alleviate his pain while not constricting his ability to move.

"In terms of limitations, the biggest thing is probably contact, making sure you can breathe appropriately, those are probably the biggest things," Israel, who works at Temple University with the school's club and rec teams said. "And just like any activity, when you start to run, when you breathe, your accessory muscles get used which can cause the ribs to expand and cause pain in the ribs."

"With that expansion of your lungs, and furthermore your rib cage when you go to throw, you are moving or twisting. You may have pain with throwing or with [being tackled] but I am sure the sports medicine team and equipment team are doing whatever they can to create padding or a flack-jacket to make sure that area is protected."

How has the QB looked when he has practice this week?

"Just same 'ole Nick," Pederson said. "He's a tough guy and he’s been pretty much the same."

With Carson Wentz still sitting out practices, it is apparent that the Birds are one big hit away from relying on Nate Sudfeld to carry them to the Super Bowl. According to Pederson, Sudfeld is aware of this and will be prepared if called upon.

"In Nate's case, I think the awareness, heightened awareness," the coach said. "He's one play away, as he was last week, and he understands that now, but he understood that three weeks ago when — or four weeks ago when Nick took over. He's not accustomed to that, but he definitely understands he's one play away from entering a game."

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