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January 05, 2016

Fairmount's Horticulture Center used for yoga this winter

Beat the cold with monthly classes

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Yoga Casey Kallen/Fairmount Park Conservancy

Yoga at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park.

This winter, West Fairmount Park's Horticulture Center will host all-levels yoga classes led by local instructor Emile Sorger. Fairmount Park Conservancy partnered with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to create the event. The upcoming session is on Sunday, Jan. 17.

Attendees will have a chance to use the warm, open space for group fitness. Amongst the tropical plants, participants will be led through a sequence to create internal heat, energize the immune system and reconnect with inner joy. 

The purpose is to find inspiration to exercise during bleak winter months when staying active becomes a challenge and burden. Being surrounded by lush greenery in the midst of winter will hopefully banish winter blues. 

Members of the Horticulture Center can attend the event for free, while non-members pay $10. All are asked to bring a yoga matt and water for the session.

"Beat the Winter Blues" Yoga

Sunday, Jan. 17
1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. | $10 per person
Horticulture Center
100 N. Horticultural Dr.