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September 06, 2016

Five signs it's time to take a vacation

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A tedious rut of work is enough to drive anyone crazy. No one was built to work every hour of every day, so it’s only natural for it to become too much over time. If you’re feeling overworked, it’s time to assess the cause of your ailments.

Taking a break and going on a stress-free vacation is good for your health, but how do you know exactly when you desperately need a break from the office? Watch out for these five signs that will help determine that it’s definitely time to get away.

1. Your productivity is slipping

Office life can be fast-paced, depending on your job position and industry. Deadlines can quickly crawl up on you. You have that report due before 3 p.m. and you’ve been working non-stop since you arrived at the office early in the morning. But you just can’t seem to get anything done, no matter how long you sit and stare at your computer screen. You find yourself taking longer to eat your lunch and spending more time surfing the Internet.

Instead of letting your productivity continue to slip, take a few days off and get out of the office. You’ll find that spending time away from your work will increase productivity later!

2. Mistakes keep popping up

Making mistakes at work occasionally is common — remember, you’re only human. But when the mistakes become a common everyday occurrence? That means that something’s up. Mistakes might not mean that you’re careless, but show that you need to take a break. Stress is known to trigger mistakes, especially at work. Time away from the office can help your brain relax, recuperate, and get back on track.

3. Sleeping is almost impossible

Sometimes a job can become so stressful that sleeping at night seems nearly impossible. You might find yourself tossing and turning more than usual. Why? Well, if work has been stressful, then it is most likely from the buildup of stress. Not being able to sleep means unwanted fatigue during the day, which will then lead to more stress because things are not getting done, and then again, another sleepless night – a vicious cycle.

Another common problem that may result from too much stress at work is a knotted stomach. You may find your stomach hurting all of the time, and it’s not because you ate something bad for dinner last night. You may feel terrible in the office, but once you get out and spend some time on a well-deserved vacation, you’ll start feeling the fatigue disappear, as well as the stomach pains.

4. All the little things seem big

When stress starts piling up upon stress, anything that goes less than perfect feels like the world’s biggest problem. A small mistake can often blow up into something that seems impossible to fix. If you’re finding yourself stuck with this perspective, then it’s time to ditch the office for some ‘you’ time.

You might feel your positive attitude decreasing, and the slightest inconvenience annoys you immensely. Your attitude toward your co-workers might change, and you might find yourself snapping at people for making the smallest of mistakes. The remedy? Vacation.

5. You no longer enjoy your work

You may love your job, but too much of anything is never good. When you’re burned out, going to work seems more like a chore than something you love. If you’ve felt the flame of love for your work fade, then it’s time for you to get away. Even though it isn’t always easy to take a break, it will do wonders for your body and mind. Remember, burning out over time will cause larger health issues, which will ultimately require even more time off of work. So take a vacation and when you get back to the office you’ll have a newfound love for your work.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then it’s probably about time that you addressed them. Get out of the office and take a vacation -- even a staycation is healthy every once in a while. Whichever option is right for you — you deserve it.

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