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March 24, 2018

6ABC's Jim Gardner can't stop laughing on air, again

Television Jim Gardner
jim gardner laughing 6ABC/Twitter

Jim Gardner, giggly man.

Though perhaps known best for a mustache that has endured decades, longtime 6ABC Action News anchor Jim Gardner has also gotten quite giggly in recent years.

It started most notably in November 2016, when Gardner was doing his usual routine at the end of the broadcast and prepping viewers for what was up next. In this case, it was a new “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” featuring Young Jeezy. His attempt at saying “Jeezy” threw him into a fit of laughter, which PhillyVoice staff writer Daniel Craig helped immortalize forever here.

During Gardner’s Thursday broadcast, viewers caught another glimpse at Gardner acting all giggly; this time, it seems, the laughs came from a short segment on the start of Philly Wine Week. The opening event for PWW is called Opening Corks. One Twitter user pointed out Gardner’s reaction.

As you ponder what’s running through his head, take a walk down (recent) memory lane at some of the reporters who had to brave the snow storms this month, and get your own giggle on.