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January 23, 2018

After criticism from Chris Long and Lane Johnson, NFL to donate underdog shirt proceeds to Philly schools

It looks like the NFL will donate the proceeds from its new Eagles underdog shirts to Philadelphia's schools after all.

CBS3's Joe Holden reported on Tuesday night that the league will donate all of the money raised from the sales to the School District of Philadelphia.

And yes, Chris Long and Lane Johnson endorsed the move.

That's notable because Long and Johnson appeared to take exception to the NFL's attempt to monetize the team's "underdog" mentality after it announced on Monday that it would start selling the shirts ahead of Super Bowl LII.

The shirts cost $27.99 and feature a dog mask that all but replicates the German shepherd mask first worn by Johnson and Long after the Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round.

But Johnson had already been selling "underdog" shirts of his own since last week, except his shirts have raised tens of thousands for Philadelphia's cash-strapped school district.

After an account for the NFL's official shop tweeted out a link to the shirt and tagged Long, saying it would go well with his mask, they both responded by suggesting the NFL should donate proceeds from the sales to charity.