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August 01, 2016

Time's yours: Andy Reid imposter takes over Chiefs press conference

A lot of talk at Eagles training camp has been about the return to the Andy Reid era, minus Andy Reid of course. The winningest coach in franchise history is halfway across the country in Kansas City, coming off a season in which the Chiefs captured 11 regular-season victories and won a wild card playoff game.

Back in Philly, it feels more like 2006 than 2016, at least in the way that training camp is structured. Here is what Fletcher Cox told’s Judy Battista:

"It's really, really different," Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox said. "Everything is different except we're not at Lehigh. It's the same as from 2012."

Doug Pederson has his own style at the podium, and he isn’t nearly as succinct as Reid was during his time here. At Chiefs training camp, though, there was someone who mastered his style:

From the real Big Red: "That's my cue, good looking. Come on, beautiful. Go get you a hamburger."

Personally, I’ll take Joe Conklin’s impression over this guy’s every day of the week, but he certainly does have the look down pat.

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