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January 22, 2016

The best #PHLsnow tweets (so far)

There's no shortage of humor from Philadelphians as Jonas gets closer

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Snow J. David Ake/AP

More snow is coming.

You may have heard that it's going to snow this weekend. (No? You're behind. Catch up on all things Winter Storm Jonas here.) As snowfall began hitting the region Friday night into Saturday, the Twitterverse opened up to chat about all things snow prep, jokes about people over-prepping and the general social media chaos that ensues whenever there's a major weather event in the region. 

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Much of this conversation is happening over at #PHLsnow (clever, though I'd prefer #JonasInPHL because it sounds like one of the Jonas brothers is in town). Below, we've gathered up the funniest and/or weirdest #PHLsnow tweets so far -- and maybe a few outside that hashtag just because we can. 

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The usual suspects are all there, of course, from the hilarious Philadelphia Police Department account, which never fails to entertain, to smart shoppers stocking up on booze. Enjoy those below and check back throughout the weekend for more of your neighbors' quippy remarks. 

And this entire exchange: