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June 29, 2018

Comcast outage widely reported across United States

Comcast outages
Stock_Carroll - Philadelphia Skyline Comcast Liberty  Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Philadelphia's skyline on a foggy December morning.

Just a few weeks after millions of Comcast customers were impacted by a nationwide outage of voice services, the cable giant responded Friday to reports around the country that internet and phone services were down again.

Complaints began to roll in at around 12:30 p.m. on Friday as customers experienced trouble connecting with the services. An outage map at Down Detector showed complaints coming from the both coasts, as well as cities in the midwest, Texas and other western states by about 2 p.m.

Some customers also reported on social media about connectivity problems with the Philadelphia-based company's TV and credit card systems services.

"We identified two separate and unrelated fiber cuts to our network backbone providers," a Comcast spokesperson said in a statement. "Our engineers worked to address the issue immediately and services are now being restored to business and residential internet, video, and voice customers. We again apologize to anyone who was impacted."

Many Comcast customers, as is custom, took the opportunity to share their dissatisfaction or sarcasm with the cable and internet giant. 

Multiple businesses, police and emergency services across the country took to social media to let customers know how they can be reached during the outage. 

One customer, David Laughlin, left the following comment on PhillyVoice's Facebook page: "If the service we pay for isn’t working, then our bill should reflect that."

The outage earlier this month lasted through much of an afternoon before it was largely resolved by the following morning. 

A Comcast spokeswoman told PhillyVoice around 4 p.m. Friday that most services had begun to come back online. 

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