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October 11, 2022

What they're saying about the Eagles: It's Dallas Week

The Phillies will play their first home playoff game in 11 years on Friday, then on Sunday, in primetime under the Lincoln Financial Field lights, the Eagles will face the rival Dallas Cowboys in a fight to stay undefeated. 

It's gonna be a crazy weekend in Philly Sports. Nick Sirianni is all about it

Shamus Clancy already covered the buzz around the Phillies going into their NLDS series against the Braves. 

Now here's what they're saying about the Birds...


Matt Ammendola's kick from 43 yards out went sailing wide right and that was it. The Eagles were going to hold on to win. 

But was there more to it? Did Milton Williams get a hand on it?

Here's a link to the clip on YouTube because you can't embed it because the NFL's YouTube policy is still dumb. Anyway, watch it at half or 25 percent speed and judge for yourself. 

The angle where it looked like he did:

And the angle where it looked like he didn't:

And an alternate theory:

Ammendola still missed either way, so I doubt fans really care how it happened, just so long as the Eagles won. 

All we need

Brian Baldinger | Twitter @BaldyNFL

All the speculation from the spring and summer over Jalen Hurts' passing and decision-making seems like a weird fever dream now. Five weeks into the season, he's been great or at minimum pretty solid. 

A strong offensive line, with plenty of depth, that can keep him protected has a lot to do with that. So does better weapons, but trust in it all goes a long way too. 

Analyst Brian Baldinger with a film breakdown of Hurts and the offense's ability to move the ball:

And as a bonus, a look into rookie Jordan Davis' increased role on the defensive line. 

Didn't seem like Kyler Murray was much into the idea of getting tackled by him. 

'This is it'

The Rich Eisen Show

With every win, Rich Eisen becomes more and more of a believer in Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. 

But one thing they haven't done yet with Hurts as the starter? Beat Dallas.

Cooper Rush seems likely to start again at quarterback for the Cowboys with Dak Prescott still recovering from his thumb injury. However, Dallas has managed to stay afloat in the race for the NFC East at 4-1, so Sunday night will have major implications.

"Next up...It's time," Eisen said. "This is it. Oh baby, Sunday Night Football. The Philadelphia Eagles, home for Dallas. This is it."

A yard short

The Pat McAfee Show


[*Content warning: Language]

The difference

Scott Abraham | ABC7 DC

The Eagles are 5-0, the Cowboys and Giants are both 4-1, and then there are the Commanders at the bottom at 1-4.

Washington coach Ron Rivera got asked why.

His answer: "Quarterback."


Now, in all fairness, this isn't Rivera throwing Carson Wentz under the bus as many made it out to be on Monday. His explanation was that the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants all had time to build around their guys, which is true. 

Dallas has had years with Dak Prescott, so have the Giants with Daniel Jones, and Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni are soaring after a full season together. By comparison, the Commanders have only had a few months with Wentz in a franchise that has had any stability at quarterback for decades. 

Still, what's there right now hasn't been pretty. 

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