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November 02, 2021

An at-a-glance recap of Tuesday's election results in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The N.J. governor race between Phil Murphy and Jack Ciattarelli is still undecided while Philadelphia District Larry Krasner easily won reelection

2021 Election Politics
Philly Election Day 2021 Kate Frese/for PhillyVoice

Voting signs hang outside the polling place at the Fishtown Recreation Center, 1235 E. Palmer Street, on Election Day, Nov. 2, 2021.

All politics are local on Election Day this year. New Jersey voters are deciding on their next governor, in an election that pits Incumbent Phil Murphy against Republican Jack Ciattarelli, but they also are selecting candidates for the state senate and state assembly.

In Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner is running for reelection against Republican Chuck Peruto. After a contentious primary for Krasner, which the progressive prosecutor ultimately won easily, the general election has been very quiet with the incumbent declining to debate his opponent and Peruto not mounting much of a campaign otherwise.

There are also state and local judicial races in Pennsylvania.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the polls are scheduled to be open until 8 p.m. As the votes are counted and the results become available, they will be added to the tables below.

N.J. Gubernatorial Election: Phil Murphy vs. Jack Ciattarelli

Incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and former Republican state legislator Jack Ciattarelli square off Tuesday in New Jersey's 2021 gubernatorial election. Murphy is seeking to become the state's first Democratic governor to win a second term in more than 40 years. Ciattarelli is hoping to flip the governor's office back to GOP control after a four-year hiatus. Read more coverage of the New Jersey governor's race.

N.J. Governor: 98.13% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat Phil Murphy1,211,457
Republican Jack Ciattarelli1,192,017

Philadelphia D.A.: Larry Krasner vs. Chuck Peruto

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner won a second term against Republican Chuck Peruto. The victory is a nod to the Registration edge Democrats have over Republican in Philadelphia as much as it is a show of support of Krasner's progressive reform agenda. Read more coverage of the Philadelphia district attorney election.

Philadelphia District Attorney: 96.48% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat Larry Krasner125,858✅ 
Republican Chuck Peruto55,251

N.J. Legislature District 1

New Jersey's first legislative district represents parts of Atlantic and Cumberland counties, and all of Cape May County.

In the state senate, Republican Sen. Michael Testa Jr. won against Democrat Yolanda Garcia-Balicki. In the assembly, Republican incumbents Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan are running for reelection to the Assembly against Democratic challengers John Capizola Jr. and Julia L. Hankerson.

District 1 N.J. Senate: 92,23% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Republican  Michael Testa Jr.35,329✅ 
Democrat Yolanda Garcia-Balicki 17,046 

District 1 N.J. Assembly: 100% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Republican Erik Simonsen 39,357 
RepublicanAntwan McClellan 38,971 
DemocratJohn Capizola Jr. 22,797 
Democrat Julia L. Hankerson 22,051 

N.J. Legislature District 2

New Jersey's District 2 represents parts of Atlantic County, including Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township and Margate.

In New Jersey’s District 2 Senate election, Democratic Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo is running against Republican candidate Vincent Polistina for the district’s open state seat. In the Assemby, Democrats John Armato and Caren Fitzpatrick up against Republicans Don Guardian and Claire Swift. The race is shaping up to be the most-expensive legislative election in New Jersey this fall. Read more coverage of the New Jersey Legislature's District 2 elections.

District 2 N.J. Senate: 100% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Republican  Vincent Polistina30,312 
Democrat Vincent Mazzeo 27,740 

District 2 N.J. Assembly: 100% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Republican Claire Swift
RepublicanDon Guardian 30,414 
DemocratJohn Armato
Democrat Caren Fitzpatrick 25,750 

N.J. Legislature District 3

New Jersey's third legislative district represents parts of Cumberland and Gloucester counties, and all of Salem County.

Senate president and longtime Democratic legislator Steve Sweeney is running against Republican candidate Edward Durr in the state senate race, and in the Assembly, Democratic incumbents John Burzichelli and Adam Taliaferro are seeking reelection against GOP challengers Bethanne Patrick and Beth Sawyer.

District 3 N.J. Senate: 99.37% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat Steve Sweeney 30,125 
Republican Edward Durr 32,134 

District 3 N.J. Assembly: 99.37% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Democrat Adam Taliaferro 29,298 
Democrat John Burzichelli29,754 
Republican   Beth Sawyer 32,646 
Republican Bethanne Patrick32,484 

N.J. Legislature District 4

Parts of Camden and Gloucester counties

Democratic Sen. Fred Madden is facing Republican challenger Stephen Pakradooni Jr., and Assembly Democrats Paul Moriarty and Gabriela Mosquera are seeking reelection against GOP candidates Denise Gonzalez and Patricia Kline.

District 4 N.J. Senate: 95.97% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
 DemocratFred Madden 33,990 
 Republican Stephen Pakradooni Jr.29,521 

District 4 N.J. Assembly: 95.97% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
DemocratGabriela Mosquera
Democrat Paul Moriarty
Republican Patricia Kline30,005 
Republican Denise Gonzalez 29,648 

N.J. Legislature District 5

District 5 of the New Jersey Legislation covers parts of Camden and Gloucester counties.

Democratic Sen. Nilsa Cruz-Perez is running for reelection against Democrat-turned-Republican Clyde Cook. In the Assembly Republican challengers Sam DiMatteo and Sean Sepsey are looking to unseat Democratic incumbents William Moen Jr. and William Spearman.

District 5 N.J. Senate: 84.52% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat Nilsa Cruz-Perez 27,003 
 RepublicanClyde Cook 20,367 

District 5 N.J. Assembly: 84.52% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
 DemocratWilliam Moen Jr. 26,293 
 DemocratWilliam Spearman 25,942 
RepublicanSam DiMatteo 20,481 
RepublicanSean Sepsey19,981 

N.J. Legislature District 6

The New Jersey Legislature's District 6 covers parts of Burlington and Camden counties.

In the senate race, Democratic incumbent James Beach won reelection against Republican John Foley. Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald and Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt are running against Republican challengers Edwin Farmer and Richard Super.

District 6 N.J. Senate: 92.44% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat James Beach 40,714✅  
Republican John Foley23,253 

District 6 N.J. Assembly: 92.44% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
DemocratLou Greenwald 40,684 
DemocratPamela Lampitt 39,893 
Republican Edwin Farmer 22,562 
RepublicanRichard Super22,131 

N.J. Legislature District 7

New Jersey's District 7 represents parts of Burlington County.

Democratic incumbent Troy Singleton defeated Republican Michelle Arnold for the district's Senate seat. In the Assembly, Democrats Herb Conaway and Carol Murphy are seeking reelection to the against GOP candidates Douglas Dillon and Joseph Jesuelea.

District 7 N.J. Senate: 96.68% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Democrat  Troy Singleton42,089✅   
Republican  Michelle Arnold26,227 

District 7 N.J. Assembly: 96.68% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Democrat Herb Conaway 41,282 
Democrat Carol Murphy 40,790 
Republican Douglas Dillon 26,534 
RepublicanJoseph Jesuelea26,117

N.J. Legislature District 8

New Jersey's 8th Legislative District encompasses about 20 towns among Atlantic, Burlington and Camden counties.

Sen. Dawn Addiego, the Democratic incumbent is running against Republican Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield for the Senate seat in New Jersey’s District 8. In the Assembly election, Republicans Mike Torrissi and Brandon Umba are facing Democrats Mark Natale and Allison Eckel. The election is expected to be one of the most competitive and expensive legislative races in the state this fall. Read more coverage of New Jersey's District 8 elections.

District 8 N.J. Senate: 98.65% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Jean Stanfield37,629 
Dawn Addiego34,617 

District 8 N.J. Assembly: 98.65% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Republican Mike Torrissi
RepublicanBrandon Umba
Democrat Allison Eckel
DemocratMark Natale

N.J. Legislature District 9

District 9 of the New Jersey legislature covers parts of Atlantic, Burlington and Ocean counties.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Christopher Connors is running against Democratic challenger David T. Wright. And in the Assembly, Republican incumbents Brian Rumpf and DiAnne Gove seek reelection against Democratic candidates Alexis Jackson and Kristen Henninger Holland.

District 9 N.J. Senate: 92.86% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winner 
Republican Christopher Connors 60,261✅  
Democrat David T. Wright 25,219 

District 9 N.J. Assembly: 92.26% of precincts reporting

Party Candidate Votes Winners 
Republican Brian Rumpf 59,879 ✅ 
RepublicanDiAnne Gove 58,696 ✅ 
DemocratAlexis Jackson 25,356 
DemocratKristen Henninger Holland 25,106 

Pennsylvania Judiciary

Three seats were filled in Pennsylvania's statewide judicial elections on Tuesday. 

Supreme Court — Justice: 97% of precincts reporting

 PartyCandidate  Votes Winner
Republican Kevin Brobson 1,358,741   ✅ 
Democrat  Maria McLaughlin1,236,172  

Superior Court — Judge: 96.86% of precincts reporting

 Party Candidate Votes Winner
Republican  Megan Sullivan 1,435,359 ✅ 
 DemocratTimika Lane  1,147,887 

Commonwealth Court — Judge: 94.67% of precincts reporting

 Party Candidate Votes  Winner
Republican  Stacy Wallace 1,315,596 ✅ 
Republican Drew Crompton 1,238,432  
 DemocratLori Dumas 1,165,280  
 Democrat David Spurgeon 1,054,697