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August 02, 2019

Fantasy football 2019 mock draft round up, expert ADP

How did experts at ESPN, SI, CBS, and draft their fantasy teams?

Trying to prep for your draft? We've put together a tool that could help.

Below are the results of expert mock fantasy football drafts from four of the most popular mainstream draft resources on the internet:, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated and ESPN. A lot of information can be gleamed from the tables below, including when it may be appropriate to pull the trigger on any particular player or what players may be available when you are slated to draft.

It's worth noting that the results posted below were from drafts conducted at varying times during the offseason, ranging from May through July. As such, some of them have taken into account different levels of information regarding players holding out (like Ezekiel Elliott and Melvin Gordon). Still, the results don't seem to differ too much based on injuries and hold outs.

Here's a useful look at what the experts did in their respective drafts (, CBS and ESPN is PPR with otherwise conventional scoring, is just conventional scoring):

Round 1NFL.comCBS Sports SIESPN
Ezekiel ElliottKamaraBarkleyBarkley
2Saquan BarkleyBarkleyKamaraElliott
3Alvin KamaraElliottMcCaffreyMcCaffery
4Christian McCafferyMcCafferyElliottKamara
5David JohnsonBellPatrick MahomesGordon
6LeVeon BellHopkins GordonJohnson
7Davante AdamsJ. JonesConnerHopkins
8DeAndre HopkinsJohnsonBellGurley
9Melvin GordonAdamsBeckhamAdams
10Joe MixonBeckham GurleyBell
11Todd GurleyKelceHopkinsJ. Jones
12James ConnerConnerBrownConner

• The same top four, not surprisingly, appeared in all four drafts with three different No. 1 overall picks. The draft that has Elliott first overall was conducted in mid-July, with full knowledge of a possible hold out.

• If you're wondering, Sports Illustrated's Kalyn Kahler, a MMQB producer and writer pulled the trigger on Mahomes at fifth overall.

• went RB heavy, with the first six picks — all RBs, and 10 of the first 12. 

• Only CBS's Dave Richard took a tight end in the first round.

13Michael ThomasGordonJ. JonesMixon
14Odell Beckham Jr.ThomasThomasThomas
15Julio JonesMixonMixonKelce
16Travis KelceCookSmith-ShusterBeckham
17JuJu Smith-ShusterGurleyKelceBrown
18Damien WilliamsBrownJohnsonCook
19Dalvin CookSmith-ShusterAdamsChubb
20Nick ChubbAllenChubbSmith-Shuster
21Antonio BrownChubbEvansAllen
22Mike Evans GreenCookEvans
23George KittleEvansKittleErtz
24Marlon MackHiltonA. JonesThielen

•'s Marcus Grant and SI's Tom Mantzouranis picked George Kittle before Zach Ertz was off the board.

• Michael Thomas, who obviously signed his monster contract Wednesday, went in the second round in all four drafts. Whether that should be different with him now reporting to camp is an unknown — but it would be hard to slot him above DeAndre Hopkins, Devante Adams and Julio Jones.

• Speaking of Adams, he went No. 7 over in's drafty but fell to 19th in SI's.

25A.J. GreenDiggsGreenMichel
26Adam ThielenFournetteAllenFreeman
27Leonard FournetteAaron JonesHiltonHilton
28Zach ErtzKittleCooperCooper
29Sefon DiggsCooperDiggsKittle
30T.Y. HiltonErtzThielenFournette
31 Amari CooperWilliamsMackA. Jones
32Keenan AllenThielenSony MichelGreen
33Derrick HenryEdelmanFournetteMack
34Julian EdelmanHenryErtzDiggs
35Josh JacobsTyreek HillChris CarsonMahomes
36Kerryon JohnsonJacobsDevonta FreemanEdelman

• A.J. Green's ankle injury has him going in the third round in three of the four drafts.

• Only one other person took a QB in the first three rounds, with Mahomes going late in the third to ESPN's Anita Marks. Mahomes goes 44th overall in's draft and 55th overall in CBS's. Experts generally tend to take QBs later than casual fantasy players.

Here's a little more on when some notable players went in the mock drafts:

Tyreek Hill*5335(not drafted)109
 Miles Sanders607911365
Andrew Luck66755193
DeShaun Watson67676556
Baker Mayfield961117390
Carson Wentz1331098786
Darryl Henderson7563(not drafted)**79
N'Keal Harry8611789102

*The SI draft took place before it was known Hill would not be suspended
**Josh Jacobs was the first rookie RB off the board for SI at 56 overall

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