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March 04, 2020

Jill Biden throws stiff-arm for husband in stunning Super Tuesday comeback

Democratic presidential race takes major turn as Joe Biden scores wave of primary victories

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden surged on Super Tuesday, claiming at least nine primary victories and reshaping the landscape of the 2020 race.

But it was Biden's wife, Jill, who captivated the nation as her husband's campaign celebrated the results in Los Angeles.

As Biden delivered his victory speech, two different anti-dairy industry protesters charged the stage at different points. Jill Biden fended them both off with fearless gusto, again displaying the toughness she credits to her Philadelphia-area upbringing.

The incident generated an a striking photograph of Biden in action as she thwarted the second protester. 

Biden later confirmed she wasn't harmed, and tweeted about her husband's newfound "Joementum."

Biden campaign advisor Symone Sanders didn't come out of the tussle unscathed. 

After months of tepid support and underwhelming debate performances, the former vice president's Super Tuesday breakout sent him temporarily to the top of the race. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has been the party's frontrunner for weeks, is awaiting final results from his victory in the prize state of California, which could help him hold an edge over Biden in the delegate count. 

In response to Tuesday's results, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped out of the race and gave his endorsement to Biden on Wednesday morning. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who trailed her counterparts by a wide margin, has left the future of her campaign in significant doubt. 

Super Tuesday exposed a collection of demographic factors that will influence the next leg of the Democratic race, from the force of late deciders to the gulf between voters who support Biden's moderate platform and Sanders' progressive revolution. 

Another six states will hold primaries next Tuesday, further clarifying the path ahead toward a Democratic challenge to President Donald Trump in November.