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August 28, 2020

Ahead of Philly comedy show, Jim Gaffigan goes on Twitter rampage against Trump followers

Comedian calls president's supporters 'cowards,' urges them to 'wake up'

Comedian Jim Gaffigan isn't especially known for 'F'-bombs and political vitriol. He's the guy who examines America's "McDonald's Denial" and usually soothes the guilty conscience of a bloated culture.

It seems the 2020 presidential election has worked the 54-year-old stand-up into an existential rage over the state of the nation. 

Gaffigan is slated to appear in Philadelphia on Saturday evening as part of the Live-In Drive-In entertainment series outside Citizens Bank Park.

He'll have lots to talk about when he gets here.

As the Republican National Convention wrapped up on Thursday night, Gaffigan went off on President Donald Trump and his supporters, unleashing a series of tweets that warned against re-electing "a crook and a con man." 

And then, on Friday morning, Gaffigan shared an old stand-up clip in which he tackled his favorite subject matter: food. 

The reaction to Gaffigan's Twitter tirade was predictably all over the place. 

In promotional interviews for Gaffigan's appearance in Philadelphia, the comedian said he plans to include a lot of material about the coronavirus pandemic. He also said there will be jokes unique to the drive-in experience. 

"I feel like I'm performing for physical cars, and people respond by beeping their horn or flashing their lights, which is usually how you would communicate to someone: 'Get out of the way!'" Gaffigan told 6ABC

If there's any place fit to welcome Gaffigan after flying off the handle, it's Philadelphia. 

And if he wants to keep it going, he might just be able to outdo Bill Burr's 2006 masterpiece. He really should just seize the moment and speak his mind. 

Gaffigan's set begins at 8 p.m. Saturday in South Philadelphia. Tickets were still available as of early Friday afternoon.