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September 06, 2018

What to listen to: Podcasts about sex, dating, ghosts, and criminals

'Thirst Aid Kit,' 'Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat,' 'Stirred Spirits,' and 'Criminal' are all in our queue right now

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I have a theory about podcasts. 

The only reasons to get into podcasts are to laugh, to learn, or to cry — not a groundbreaking hypothesis, I know. But hey, I am the expert in this podcast article and what I say goes.

So in that same vein, the podcasts I'm addicted to this week are hosted by comedians, surprisingly insightful and — dare I say? — really depressing. 

This list is an effort to elevate some media and creators that you, reader, might not already be listening to or have yet to notice. Try them on for size for an episode or two, just to freshen up your library. 

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This one might make you blush. 

On this Buzzfeed podcast's first episode "Southern Baes," the first few seconds are almost completely bleeped out because there are so many nasty words. 

Hosts Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins are talking women and their thirst: desire, lust, and performing those feelings. I'm not going to give too much away, because so much of the fun that is "Thirst Aid Kit" is experiencing it with the hosts and getting really real with them. 

Bim and Nichole's charm, obvious connection, and effortless way in which they open up, gave this podcast, right from the first episode, a huge pull for me.

Listen to the "Southern Baes" episode below, and get the current and other more recent episodes, go here.


OK. This podcast is famously giving me life this week. I blew through all of the episodes in just a few days. 

Obsessed? Maybe. Falling in love? Sure. 

It's hosted by New York-based comedians Cat Cohen and Pat Regan. (Cohen was recently named on Time Out's list of "Five NYC Comedians to Look out For in 2018.")

"Seek Treatment" doubles as the podcast's title and one of Cohen and Regan's many campy sayings I can't stop using now, much to the agony of my peers. For example: If you don't read PhillyVoice daily, seek treatment. A special guest on each episode (who has typically been a comic) is subjected to Cohen and Regan's prodding to give them "the whole deal" on "boys, sex, f***ing, dating and love," as they say in their opener.

Among the guests so far have been fellow podcasters Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, hosts of another favorite of mine, Las Culturistas.

Cohen and Regan manage to keep their guests on their toes with a couple of recurring segments ("Are you feeling hot today?") while managing to maintain meaningful conversation about dating culture and relatable quips about dating apps. Obviously, I love it. 

If you don't listen to "Seek Treatment," seek treatment.

Listen to the "Shrimp Fettuccini In The Park" episode below, and get the current and other more recent episodes here.


This one is off the beaten path as far as charts go, but it's worth a try for anyone obsessed with the undead. 

The concept is simple: drinking (lots of drinking) and ghost stories. A perfect match.

Los Angeles-based hosts Hadley Dion and Thomas Seraydarian, self-proclaimed paranormal and booze experts, are an oddball combination of sarcastic and sweet, which makes for lighthearted listening (even though it's about such a dark topic?).

It's worth it to listen to the first episode of "Stirred Spirits" to hear Dion and Seraydarian go on about their personal experiences with the paranormal. I mean, it's seriously chilling. And Dion is low key a witch? Good luck.

Listen to the "Commit to the Bit" episode below, and get the current and other more recent episodes here.


First of all, Phoebe Judge is one of my favorite radio hosts of all time (She also does "This is Love," another iconic pod).

"Criminal" is just what it sounds like. A podcast about criminals, their victims, and why these things happen. It's haunting, it's eerie, and it's always fascinating. Some of the stories are truly very scary, but I can never stop listening. Judge's wispy voice helps a guest with first-hand experience narrate their own criminal story, pushing them along gently and lovingly. 

If you're squeamish and easily frightened, same. "Criminal" is terrifying, but in a manageable kind of way. The storytelling just makes it a podcast about humanity and spirit.

But also, maybe avoid listening to these alone at night.

Listen to the "The Doctors" episode below, and get the current and other more recent episodes, go here.

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