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December 17, 2015

A statistical look at the potential 2016 free agent quarterback class, and where Sam Bradford fits in

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If Sam Bradford is a good quarterback, shouldn't he quarterback good?

With the 2015 regular season soon coming to an end, speculation is building on whether or not Sam Bradford will return to the Eagles in 2016. On Monday, Chip Kelly said rather bluntly that he would like to have Bradford back for the long haul

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On Wednesday, Bradford did not reciprocate Chip's love.

Today, the "NFL Now" Twitter account posted a graphic of eight quarterbacks who could hit the free agent market this offseason, shown here:

Free agent quarterbacks

Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 turned to CBS' Joel Corry to determine what Bradford could realistically make on the open market as a free agent this offseason. (Spoiler -- It could be $15-20 million per season). 

Of the quarterbacks pictured above, Bradford will probably be paid the most of the group. Should he be? Well, strictly on numbers, God no. Let's take a look at the above group, and compare them from a 2015 numbers perspective:

QB Rating:

 RankPlayer QB rating 
 1*Tyrod Taylor 100.9 
 2Kirk Cousins 93.2 
 3Brian Hoyer 93.0 
 4Blaine Gabbert 90.7 
 5Ryan Fitzpatrick 89.8 
 6Johnny Manziel 89.2 
 7Brock Osweiler 85.4 
 8Sam Bradford 82.9 

Yards per pass attempt:

Rank Player YPA 
 1*Tyrod Taylor 7.9 
 2Johnny Manziel 7.6 
 3Blaine Gabbert 7.5 
 4Kirk Cousins 7.3 
 5Brian Hoyer 7.2 
 6Ryan Fitzpatrick 7.0 
 7Sam Bradford 6.7 
 8Brock Osweiler 6.7 

Interception percentage:

Rank Player Interception % 
 1*Tyrod Taylor 1.63% 
 2Brock Osweiler 1.76% 
 3Brian Hoyer 1.82% 
 4Johnny Manziel 1.89% 
 5Blaine Gabbert 1.94% 
 6Kirk Cousins 2.42% 
 7Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.47% 
 8Sam Bradford 2.77% 

Touchdown percentage:

Rank Player Touchdown % 
 1*Tyrod Taylor 5.86% 
 2Ryan Fitzpatrick 5.62% 
 3Brian Hoyer 5.47% 
 4Kirk Cousins 3.96% 
 5Blaine Gabbert 3.87% 
 6Johnny Manziel 3.77% 
 7Sam Bradford 3.53% 
 8Brock Osweiler 2.94% 

We're not exactly comparing Bradford to Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees here. We're comparing him guys like Hoyer, Cousins, and Fitzpatrick, and it still isn't good.

I like the line from Moneyball delivered by Brad Pitt -- "If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?" 

Well, if Sam Bradford is a good quarterback worth $15-20 million dollars per season, shouldn't he quarterback good?

*NOTE: NFL Now should not have included Tyrod Taylor in their graphic, as he signed a three-year deal in March.

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