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March 25, 2023

Chefs Kaitlin Wines and Ryan Elmore of Mom-Mom’s Kitchen take over residency at Volvér on Kimmel Campus

From now until April 23 the culinary artists will offer a menu that pays homage to classic Polish food and ingredients

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Mom Moms Residency Provided Image/Kory Aversa

During the residency, chefs Kaitlin Wines and Ryan Elmore will fundraise to open a new bar and restaurant in the former home of Krakus Market in Port Richmond.

Guests dining at Jose Garces' Volvér restaurant on the Kimmel Cultural Campus can now order Polish-inspired cuisine.

Chefs Kaitlin Wines and Ryan Elmore of Mom-Mom's Kitchen are the next Chefs in Residency for Garces.

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The program, which began during the COVID-19 pandemic to support local chefs of minority-owned businesses, will feature the chefs from the South Street restaurant until April 23. As a part of the program, the chefs will fundraise to open a new bar and restaurant in the former home of Krakus Market in Port Richmond.

The pair first met in 2008 while bartending together at Triumph Brewery in Old City. Years of dining around Philadelphia inspired the idea for Mom-Mom's Polish Polish Food Cart in 2014. Their first brick-and-mortar opened at 2551 Orthodox Street in 2018. That location closed in 2021, but their second location at 1505 South Street is still open. 

"We've been inspired by Jose's restaurants for a long time," Elmore said. "We always looked up to Chef Garces and admired his importance in Philadelphia's food scene. I fondly remember watching every episode of Iron Chef and rooting for him. It's really a dream come true to work with him." 

"We want to use the opportunity Jose has offered us to showcase the underrepresented cuisine of Polish food, seen through a Philadelphian lens," Wines added. "We are the next generation of Polish-Americans, and we are proud to bring in young blood and creativity into such an amazing cuisine."

The duo's menu will include dishes like Polish Easter soup, sausage stuffed pretzel, and filet mignon with potato pierogi. Their menu is one the largest of the Chefs in Residency participants. The complete list of limited-time offerings can be found below.


• Polish Easter soup: fresh kielbasa, egg, bacon, cracker pepper
• Sausage stuffed pretzel:  dijon mustard
• Herring toast: grilled rye bread, pickles, preserved lemon aioli, white onion, chives
Truffled cheesesteak pierogi: tomato truffle aioli, caramelized onions, chives
• Lamb “Lazy” Pierogi: lamb ragout, Polish cheese dumplings, sugar snap peas, creme fraiche, crumbled farmer cheese
• Mushrooms with buckwheat polenta: chicken fried maitake, mushroom ragout, poached egg 
Filet mignon with potato pierogi: pierogies creme, caramelized onion, trout roe, beef, demi-glace 


• Poached meringue: "Fargoias Congeladas" kiwi sorbet, pineapple, meringue, cloud, vanilla custard
• Port custard pudim: vanilla flan, sherry wine caramel, fresh fruit
• Sour cream ice cream: sour cherry compote, toasted groats
• Salmon cake: tomato chutney, lemon aioli 
• Spiced beet cake: dark chocolate, roasted beet, ganache

People who want to support Wines and Elmore can donate during their meal at Volvér or by using this digital form. Donations can also be made during the meal when the check is presented.

Kaitlin Wines and Ryan Elmore: Volvér Chefs-in-Residency

Through April 23
Wednesday through Friday, 4 to 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m.
$56 fixed price
Volvér at the Kimmel Cultural Center
300 S. Broad. St., Philadelphia, PA 19107