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July 02, 2019

Natalie Egenolf: Sixers fans should keep trusting the Process — and the Mike Scott Hive

No need to panic friends.

I know the departure of Jimmy Butler may be tough for some to deal with, but I’m here to tell you the same three words we’ve been hearing for the past five-plus years: you have to continue to “Trust the Process." 

I know it seems crazy. You’re probably tired of those three words. They’ve taken on a life of their own and are now a trademarked nickname for the person at the center of it all. 

There are still so many questions surrounding them as well. When does “The Process” end? How long do we give “The Process?" How many players will go in and out of the Sixers organization during “The Process?"

The night of the 2019 NBA Draft was quite possibly the most insane night I’ve ever witnessed on Twitter. As a city, we live and die with the decisions the teams make, but for some reason, this night “The Process” was deemed over. People were calling for the firing of Elton Brand for wheeling and dealing some second round picks and for the return of Sam Hinkie (we as a fan base need to move on from Sam Hinkie, but that’s a column for another day). 

I’m sick of the “past is better” mentality this city sometimes clings to, particularly when that past includes 10-win seasons. If you look at “The Process” in its entirety thus far, we are the closest that we’ve ever been to that NBA Championship Parade on Broad Street. 

I implore you to keep things in perspective when it comes to decision-making by our teams — there is not one organization in the city of Philadelphia that does not want to win a championship. I promise. 

They may not always know how to do it, but they want to win. In my opinion, the Sixers want to win right now. The Sixers, as an organization, have taken "The Process" to the next level by putting the foot on the gas and making decisions that no one expected. The unexpected is uncomfortable, but in my experience the risks usually come with great reward.

My personal favorite part of "The Process" has been embracing the unknown. Quite frankly, I find “trusting the process” has given the Philadelphia sports fan some mental relief in the notion that someday this is all going to work out, that someday soon we will hold a glorious NBA championship march through out city. It’s a magnificent thought as a sports city and even more so as a personal philosophy. 

The rumor now is that Jimmy Butler just didn’t want to be here. Reports state he was offered the max and still decided to go to Miami, so to that I say, "Good riddance." This was out of the Sixers hands. We can thank Jimmy for his passion during his short time here and look toward the future. 

A close source of mine has told me “the Sixers are now better” after his departure. We will find out soon enough. In the meantime, all we can do is keep the faith and TTP.

The Mike Scott Hive is buzzing

It’s taken Mike Scott less than six months in Philadelphia to develop a cult following. The emoji-tatted, hockey-jersey-wearing baller will be staying in Philly for the next two years, and his hive of loyal fans have wasted no time celebrating. 

One look through Mike Scott's Twitter feed reveals that what started as a twitter follower tattoo challenge for one loyal hive member has spawned into dozens of people making him a permanent fixture on their body for life.

Sports photographer and co-creator of “The Daily Puck” Alex McIntyre was one person who celebrated Mike Scott staying in Philly by going out that same day and getting a headband wearing bee tattooed on her body. 

Noting that this was her first tattoo, McIntyre said “Mike Scott quickly became my favorite Sixer shortly after acquiring him. I love his demeanor on and off the court. When the news broke that he was staying in Philly, I was just really excited about it and it was a completely impulsive decision. I’m a huge member of the hive so I love the tattoo a bunch and it’ll be a fun story to share one day”.

McIntyre posted a Twitter poll to determine the tattoo but said her mother was not a fan of Scott’s infamous quote “I ain’t no b*tch” being tattooed on her body, so she decided to go with the bee instead. She opted to get it on her ribs, and the process took 20 minutes. 

“She's not a big tattoo person in general but her response was 'oh okay, I guess that’s cute!,'" McIntyre said of her mom's reaction. "So I’ll take it! Haha!”

Seems the hive will continue to buzz for Mike Scott during his time here in Philly. He gave Alex a shout out for her new tat:

You’ll have plenty more Philly foolies over the next two years, Mike. Welcome to The City of Brotherly Love!

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