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May 25, 2017

New Jersey Wawa makes 4-year-old boy general manager

Few of us in the world knew what we wanted to do with our professional lives when we were 4 years old, a time typically spent learning the alphabet and occupying the center of attention.

Not Brody Ewing, the kid who just became general manager of a Wawa in Howell, New Jersey.

In a touching story, Ewing, who has autism, was given the honorary title by Wawa customer service manager Kyle Sommer, MY9NJ reports.

Ewing and his mother, Stephanie, are daily Wawa customers in Howell. Although he is a high-functioning child on the autism spectrum, Brody has been an extremely picky eater.

Could there be a more perfect way to solve that problem than Wawa?

"He's come so far in the last year. He wasn't talking. He wasn't eating many foods at all," Stephanie told the news station. "We started coming to Wawa and we had him try one thing, and from there it went to mac and cheese it went to chicken fingers, just a couple of things that he really truly likes."

Check out a video about the new boss in Howell below.