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November 07, 2019

Philly Pretzel Factory unveils new mini cheesesteaks, and a tangy sriracha dip

The company is combining cheesesteaks and soft pretzels in an attempt to become even more Philly

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Philly pretzel factory cheesesteak Contributed image/Philly Pretzel Factory

Philly Pretzel Factory is expanding its menu with two new products: the extremely Philly-flavored mini cheesesteaks, and a new Tangy Sriracha dip.

In a city (curiously) known for its love affair with soft pretzels, Philly Pretzel Factory has managed to distinguish itself as a go-to spot around Philadelphia when residents need a bag of a dozen doughy pretzels. The pretzels are consistent, and the dips are so popular that they wriggled their way into a viral Eagles Twitter video earlier this year.

Now, Philly Pretzel Factory is expanding its menu with two new products, one extremely Philly-flavored item and one a little more left field.

The store is adding mini cheesesteaks to the menu, which (as you can see above) look like bite-sized pockets of cheesesteak inside a pretzel. The factory is also adding a new tangy sriracha dip to its line, in part to accompany the steak-and-cheese snacks.

The mini cheesesteaks will come in packs of four for $3.99, which feels fair, especially considering the heartburn you will absolutely endure afterwards.

Personally, I do not understand Philadelphia's infatuation with soft pretzels, or at least the ones I usually see Philadelphia residents eating. The mass-produced pretzels are overly doughy, with little-to-no crispiness on the pretzel's exterior. The only distinctive flavor on these pretzels comes from add-ons, whether it's the huge flaky salt or a generous dollop of the dip of your choice.

In a city replete with excellent bakers, from seasoned bread kings to pizza dough pros, the ubiquity of the one-note, assembly-line soft pretzel just baffles me. If you must have a soft pretzel, you should seek out a handmade offering somewhere local (I don't have a good recommendation for this) or bake some yourself.

But if you must get your big-box soft pretzel fix, Philly Pretzel Factory is probably the way to go. The mini cheesesteaks and the sriracha dip both roll out at Philly Pretzel Factory stores across the country this weekend, starting Nov. 9.

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