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March 29, 2023

'Happy go lucky': Abandoned dog saved from SEPTA tracks gets adopted by his rescuer

His hind legs paralyzed, Lucky uses a wheeled cart to get around, though Sidara Son, who has given the 2-year-old pit bull mix a home, hopes he will walk again

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lucky dog adoption Philly Rescue Angels/Instagram

Months after being abandoned and paralyzed on SEPTA train tracks in Montgomery County, Lucky the dog has been adopted by Sidara Son, who worked with the Philly Rescue Angels to save him.

Four months after being found abandoned and injured on SEPTA train tracks in Montgomery County, Lucky the dog's story has a happy ending.

Lucky has been adopted by Sidara Son, a Philadelphia resident who worked with the Philly Rescue Angels to safely remove the paralyzed pit bull mix from the tracks in late November. Son cared for Lucky, on and off, during his subsequent months of recovery, and when Lucky's previous foster parent had an emergency Son welcomed the dog back into her home. The rest is history.

According to Lucky's new mom, the pup has a brand new lease on life and fits in perfectly with her other dogs.

"I brought Lucky home and he just did a 360, completely fit into the house; he was happy go lucky," Son said. "The other dogs loved him. He loved the other dogs. All of his anxiety that he was having before, some of the behavioral issues that he was having, it all just kind of melted away. And it's like, this is where you belong."

lucky dog new homeCourtesy of/Sidara Son

Lucky, right, cuddles with one of his new housemates.

Philly Rescue Angels, the organization spearhead Lucky's rescue and recovery, shared news of his new home on social media Tuesday. The nonprofit noted that they would continue to cover the expenses of Lucky's care, as his ongoing medical bills will be costly due to the injuries he sustained on the tracks. They also had a message for whoever left the 2-year-old pup for dead.

"We hope the person who did this to him, sees the life he is living now and sees that their actions were not a success," Philly Rescue Angels members wrote on Instagram. "Lucky has overcame everything you put him through (and) he will live a beautiful life now."

lucky dog septa tracks adoptionPhilly Rescue Angels/Instagram

Top, Lucky the dog when he was first found injured on SEPTA tracks by rescuers, and, bottom, Lucky enjoying his new life at his forever home.

The update has been a long time coming for those following Lucky's turbulent tale since the dog was spotted on SEPTA tracks near Lawndale Station in Montgomery County in late November.

Rescuers believe Lucky spent days ducking under trains before finally being pulled from the tracks. At the time, Son described how Lucky would "pancake down onto the tracks" to avoid being struck, and she called it a "total miracle" that he survived.

Though Lucky lived to be rescued, his spine was severed, causing him to be paralyzed. Son was one of the most passionate advocates for Lucky's care at the time even when his condition seemed bleak.

"When they mentioned that euthanasia was a possibility, I was just like, 'well, I'm fighting for him, we've got to fight for him, we have to save him,'" Son said. "Like, we're not gonna just euthanize him. If he just fought for two days (on the train tracks) to live, we're not gonna do that. And I was I was very emotional and, honest to God truth, if they came to that I probably would have kidnapped him."

The 50-pound dog made it through a 6-hour spinal surgery at University of Pennsylvania's Ryan Veterinary Hospital when doctors placed two plates along his spine, with the intention of alleviating some of his pain. He now uses a wheeled cart to get around.

Lucky was ready for adoption by February but, despite his many social media fans, Lucky's many medical and behavioral needs made it difficult to find a capable family.

"This was a long process, but we know Lucky was ghosted by these people for a reason, because now he is where he belongs," Philly Rescue Angels wrote on Instagram.

Son believes it was fate that she could give a second chance and forever home to the dog she helped rescue from the brink.

lucky dog sidara sonCourtesy of/Sidara Son

Sidara Son, who helped rescue Lucky from the train tracks, has officially adopted the dog.

"I don't know, it's just a bond, a connection," Son said. "And I kind of had a feeling because I always said, 'Lucky can always come here,' and it ended up that Lucky came here. Wishful thinking."

Lucky is now enjoying his life in Philadelphia, where he loves to go on walks, visit the park and play with his new brothers and sisters. Son is also planning to take him on trips to the beach, as well as hiking and fishing.

His health also seems to be improving, and while Lucky is enjoying chasing his housemates around on wheels, Son hopes that he could one day walk again.

"He's doing amazing," Son said. "He's been standing while eating much longer and longer every time. So hopefully in the future, he'll be able to spinal walk. I mean, that's just the whole wish. He's come a long way. And he's thriving, so much, like he's just blossomed. Because he's been getting a lot of mental stimulation, a lot of love and training."

lucky dog adoption wheelchairCourtesy of/Sidara Son

Lucky uses a wheeled cart to move around, after he was paralyzed on SEPTA train tracks.

An Amazon wishlist has been created for anyone who wishes to contribute to Lucky's care by purchasing essentials, like pee pads and food. Dog lovers can also follow along with Lucky's new adventures through Son's Instagram account.

With Lucky safe and ready for his new beginning, Son has one thing left to say: Thank you.

Son notes that Lucky's recovery and new life never would have been possible without the efforts of SEPTA transit police, ACCT Philly and Philly Rescue Angels, as well as Tiny Paws Rescue who took Lucky on as a medical foster.

"It takes a community, that's what really touches me and makes me emotional," Son said. "Seeing the community come together, and them showing their love, their support, their concern, and everybody just banding together to make sure that Lucky was going to be safe. It's a blessing. Everyone deserves credit and recognition for their hand at saving Lucky's life, because it would not be possible for Lucky's second chance at life without the community."

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