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March 26, 2023

Can you ace this Pennsylvania-themed 'Jeopardy!' category?

Last week, an episode of "Jeopardy!' included a category about things made in the state and the manufacturers based here

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Tuesday's 'Jeopardy!' episode saw a second win for Melissa Klapper, a Montgomery County native who teaches at Rowan University, as well as an entire category devoted to products made in Pennsylvania.

Are you smarter than a "Jeopardy!" contestant?

Last week, viewers of the quiz show were treated to a Pennsylvania-themed category during an episode that also featured Melissa Klapper, a Merion Station native who teaches history at Rowan University, whose run as champion on the show also came to an end last week.

During Tuesday's "Jeopardy!" round, the Made in Pennsylvania category included five questions about products made in the state and companies based here. 

Missed the episode but still want to test your Pennsylvania knowledge? These are the clues for each question category. See how many you can correctly respond to before scrolling down to check out the answers, located at the end of the article. Don't forget to answer in the proper "Jeopardy!" question format.

• $200: Seen here, this iconic confection is made by the family-owned Just Born candy company in Bethlehem. (The image displayed brightly colored rabbit-shaped marshmallows)
• $400: Formerly named for founders Binney & Smith, this brand’s colorful products continue to roll out in Easton, Pennsylvania.
• $600: Fans of these from Pennsylvania’s C.F. Martin & Co. have included Muddy Waters, Hank Williams & Willie Nelson.
• $800: In 2022 this company celebrated its 90th anniversary, issuing 2 new special edition lighters for the occasion.
• $1000: X marks the spot for this brand of glass bakeware & bowls made in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, for over half a century.

The above questions came at a felicitous time not only because of the local champ Klapper. The category also coincides Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry's ongoing "Coolest Thing Made in PA” Twitter poll tournament. Any of the gameshow's viewers who also have been following along with that had an advantage in the category, because multiple answers are featured in that competition, as well.

Ironically, Klapper did not respond to any of the "Made in Pennsylvania" questions, but they were all answered correctly by her competitors.

On Tuesday, Klapper finished Final Jeopardy! with $17,599, bringing her two-day total to $42,400. She went on to win a third game on Wednesday, coming from behind with a large "Final Jeopardy!" wager to bring her three-day total to $59,100, before losing on Thursday's show.

Each correct response for the "Made in Pennsylvania" category can be found below:

• $200: What are Peeps?
• $400: What is Crayola?
• $600: What are guitars?
• $800: What is Zippo?
• $1000: What is Pyrex?

How much money would you have won from this category? Or, did you disappoint the great state of Pennsylvania and finish with a negative number? 

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